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The 13 Best Anime Like Food Wars

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Food Wars, which first debuted in 2015, is an anime in a league of its own. Yukihira Souma has been helping his father out at their restaurant since childhood. When his dad temporarily closes down the restaurant in order to test his cooking skills abroad, he sends his son to Tootsuki Culinary Academy, a school renowned for its "food wars" - high-stakes battles for culinary supremacy. Basically, it's like the anime version of Hell's Kitchen... except that in Food Warspeoples' clothes fly off of their bodies when they truly love what they're eating. 

Are there any other anime similar to Food Wars? While there's no show that matches its vibe exactly, there are plenty of anime like Food Wars that you'll probably enjoy if it ranks among your favorites. If you want a show that matches both its competitive spirit and its focus on food, try Ben-To, Toriko, or Yakitate!! Japan. If you could take or leave the whole food thing but want some hot-blooded, over-the-top fighting with a side helping of fan service, try Kakegurui. Want an anime that will make you drool over the delicious food but don't care about the competitive aspect? Watch Sweetness & Lightning or Silver Spoon. 

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    Hyakkaou Private Academy is a school with an unusual take on education. During the day, students study a regular curriculum, but at night the school turns into a casino. Students engage in high stakes gambling learning skills that will aid them in the high-status careers that these wealthy students will likely take on. The gambling battles are dramatically animated and intense, just like the cooking competitions in Food Wars. If you want to watch students engage in unconventional warfare in a school setting, check out Kakegurui.

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    • One of the things that's really cool about Food Wars is that it combines two genres - cooking and battle shonen. Restaurant To Another World also combines cooking with another genre - isekai. Western Restaurant Nekoya is open both to the everyday people of Tokyo and to beings visiting from other worlds. Elves, fairies, dragons and more all stop by to eat delicious Japanese and Western food that they can't get in their own worlds. Like Food Wars, this anime celebrates food for its power to invoke an emotional response. 

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      • Like Food Wars, Ben-To turns food into a wild competition. In the world of this bizarre 2011 anime, discounted bento boxes are a prized item that can only be obtained through battle. Those who acquire their prize are called wolves, while those left hungry are called dogs. This cutthroat world of bento acquisition bears striking resemblance to the hardcore cooking battles that characterize Food Wars.

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        • Are you a Food Wars fan who wants to share the joy of cooking anime with everyone you know, but need something a little more kid-friendly to show the young anime fans in your life, check out Yumeiro Patissiere.  Ichigo Amano is a young girl who doesn't seem to be good at anything other than eating cake, but as it turns out, that penchant for cake is actually a serious talent - she's an expert at picking up the flavor nuances. Thanks to a recommendation from a famous patissier, she finds herself enrolled in St. Marie Academy, a culinary school that specializes in desserts. There, she meets the Sweet Princes, a group renowned for their talents - and also meets fairies that help the students achieve their culinary dreams and win baking competitions.  

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