15 Anime Fans of Game of Thrones Will Enjoy

With the final Game of Thrones season coming to a close, it's hard to imagine what the future of this fandom is going to look like. Sure, you have the books to read and look forward to, but nothing can compare to the countless weekends spent watching your favorite show. With a heavy political plot line and countless magical elements, i.e. literal dragons, there were so many things that enchanted us with Game of Thrones

If you're an anime fan, however, we're glad to inform you that there's still hope! Anime has limitless options when it comes to the world of fantasy, giving us plenty of unique series to binge watch. These are anime series with plenty of elements to remind you of your favorite series. From shows like Berserk that have countless hours of epic battles to No Game No Life that's literally a political game, you're bound to have hours of entertainment. Let us know which of these recommendations for anime like Game of Thrones you liked best by voting up! 

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    When his favorite game is shut down, Momonga decides to spend every last second in the world of Yggdrasil. Despite being the last of his guild, Ainz Ooal Gown, he fondly remembers the times he and his friends spent on their server building a name for themselves. When midnight hits, the server should be shut down and yet Momonga is still completely conscious in his character. In fact, the option to log out has disappeared and it seems as though the NPCs have come to life! Now transported in a new world that seems to have influences from his game, he must learn how to adapt and take over the land. Game of Thrones had similar elements to Overlord with a plot to become an absolute ruler. Momonga certainly looks like he's on his way to winning the game in his world!

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    Raki's village is attacked by a shape-shifting demon known as a "youma," a pale woman with silver eyes arrives to save the day. Clare is a "Claymore," which is a creature made of both youma and human likeness in order to create a perfect weapon. Claymores are meant to destroy the youma and Clare swiftly takes care of the one who destroys Raki's world. Despite being saved by Clare, he's banished from his home after losing his parents and everything he ever knew. Now Raki follows Clare on her journeys, finding out what her reason for becoming the slayer of youmas was as she seeks out vengeance. Much like Game of Thrones, Claymore is filled with bloodshed and tragedy. 

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    If you're looking for a show about betrayal and gore, much like Game of Thrones has provided, then consider Berserk. This classic anime series is one of the darkest out there, providing you with hours of a journey filled with blood and tragedy. When Guts is betrayed by the man he once looked up to, he has no choice but to go out seeking vengeance. With the giant blade, the Dragonslayer, slung over his shoulder, he embarks down a dark path. Puck and Isidro, two misfits, are taken under his wing, determined to learn swordsmanship from a former mercenary. But will they be prepared for all of the heaviness and evil that seems to follow Guts? 

  • When the Holy Empire of Britannia took over Japan, the inhabitants were forced to rename themselves "Elevens" after their country's name was changed to "Area 11." Of course, not all residents were willing to allow this conquest stand with several groups working to regain independence. Lelouch Lamperouge, a former Britannian prince, finds himself in the crossfire between Britannia's soldiers and one such group of freedom fighters. When a strange girl named C.C. saves him, he's given the "Power of Kings" that allows him to control anyone he speaks to. With such a power, will he be able to achieve his own personal goals while simultaneously freeing Japan? Code Geass is not only a classic anime series you have to see, but it is also a series that showcases a political game very similar to Game of Thrones