15 Anime Fans of Harry Potter Will Enjoy

Are you a Harry Potter fan who also has a penchant for anime? Or do you have a Potterhead friend who has yet to find an anime that speaks to them? Either way, this list is here to help you find a fantastic anime like Harry Potter that will sate your desire for the adventures of wizards and witches in training.

What is the best anime for Harry Potter fans? Little Witch Academia is the closest you can get to an actual anime adaptation of Harry Potter - it's a story about students at a magical academy, who will eventually be forced to confront a dangerous enemy. However, there are other shows with a less straight-forward connection. From The New World may not feature witchcraft, but it is a coming of age story about teenagers learning to control their powers and understand the complex and dangerous world around them. 

No matter what you liked about Harry Potter, there's sure to be something here that will appeal to you.

  • Little Witch Academia
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    When most people think about anime that's similar to Harry Potter, they think of Little Witch Academia. Both series are set primarily in a boarding school for kids who are learning how to use magic - and both will ultimately take their protagonists on a journey to defeat a powerful enemy.

    Also, unlike many of her peers, the protagonist Akko doesn't come from a magical family, a fact that puts her at a major disadvantage both socially and academically. While this does make her unlike Harry Potter himself, it means that she could easily fit into the world of the series - whether or not you come from a magical family is a huge deal in Harry Potter, and those who don't have to work especially hard to be taken seriously. 

    Until Harry Potter gets its own anime, Little Witch Academia is probably the closest thing there is - so put it on your to-watch list if you haven't seen it already.

  • Though it may not be populated by witches and wizards in training, U.A. High School has a lot in common with Hogwarts - and My Hero Academia has a lot in common with Harry Potter. The students at U.A. high school are training to be superheroes. Rather than using magic, they train using quirks or innate powers that can be developed over time. While some of the show focuses on their training, their interpersonal relationships, and other fun school-wide experiences, they also have to contend with a dangerous enemy - the League of Villains. Its members are every bit as terrifying and bizarre as Voldemort's death eaters. Their leader is a whole lot like Voldemort, both because of his damaged face and because of his destiny-like connection with the protagonist.

  • Kiki's Delivery Service is a classic Studio Ghibli film, and it's an utter delight. It follows a young witch named Kiki who leaves home to pursue her training - but runs into some complications along the way. She winds up running a delivery service on her broom with help from her cat Jiji in order to make money to support her studies. 

    Nothing in Kiki's Delivery Service is ever as dire as it is in Harry Potter - the biggest conflicts are like the smallest ones in the latter. Still, if your favorite part of Harry Potter was the more down-to-earth scenes, you'll probably love this movie. Actually, you probably will no matter what - it's just that good. 

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    The Ancient Magus' Bride

    The Ancient Magus' Bride
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    The Ancient Magus' Bride offers viewers a lush and lovely fantasy world full of every kind of magic you could possibly imagine. It follows Chise Hatori, an orphan whose dreary life explodes into brilliant color when she's taken in by Elias Ainsworth, a mage who agrees to teach her magic on the condition that she consider becoming his wife. Though the series is primarily about Chise's emotional development and personal self-discovery, it's also about a conflict with a 2000-year-old villain who seeks to change his own lifespan.

    Like Harry Potter, Chise is a traumatized orphan who is expected to achieve incredible magical feats by virtue of her birth. Also, like him, she finds love and healing through her newfound magical world. Though Joseph is a far more sympathetic villain than Voldemort is, the two begin as the ultimate evil before the series reveals more about their background and more about their emotional connection to the protagonist.