The 13 Best Anime Like Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon (also known as DanMachi) may have been interesting for the title alone, but it’s actually a very compelling tale full of complex characters and individual storylines! Bell is a very compelling character that we want to see succeed regardless of his goals. And despite the title insinuating that there’s plenty of cute girls to flirt with, we hardly ever see him really try for romance with any of his female companions. Rather, the story is all about trying to improve and be the best version of yourself. That being said, what are the best anime like Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Help us answer that question by ranking the recommendations on this list!

Finishing DanMachi can be a bit of a bummer since it’s such a good show, but thankfully the fantasy genre of anime has grown significantly over the years with Goblin Slayer, Sword Art Online, KonoSuba, and more. We’ve compiled a list of different anime that are very similar to It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Let us know which ones you like the most by voting them up!


  • Being reincarnated as a slime sounds like it would be poor luck, but for Rimuru Tempest, it's actually the best thing to ever happen to him! In his previous life, he was slain by a robber, and in his final moments, he seemed to wish to have certain abilities to prevent something like this from happening. Luckily enough, a slime was the perfect form for him to take! Growing more powerful after making friends with the Storm Dragon Verudora, he realizes that there's an entire world out there just waiting for him to explore. The series follows Rimuru as he learns how to make friends with the neighboring species and bring peace to a land threatened by evil powers.

  • Sword Art Online should be an obvious choice since it's a very popular video game and fantasy themed anime, but we couldn't complete this list without it! Kazuto Kirigaya, who goes by Kirito thought he was just playing the new massive role-playing game, Sword Art Online. But when he and thousands of other players get trapped into the game with no way to log out, all chaos turns loose. The game's creator will only let them leave once the players have defeated all one hundred levels of the game. The biggest problem? If you die in the game, you die in real life. 

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    Momonga, ever the sentimental type, will spend the final hours of his favorite game, Yggdrasil, till the game is shut off. However, when midnight strikes, the game doesn't appear to have shut off. In fact, he's still completely conscious as his character and the NPCs seem to have actually come to life! Trying to piece together what happened, Momonga realizes that his guild hall was transported to a different world. Now stuck as his character, he seeks to take over this new world with his loyal servants by his side. While this anime starts out as more video game-centered, it turns into a fantasy themed anime fast and that makes it a perfect addition to your watchlist. 

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    While goblins are known for being small creatures with a weak reputation, those who are wise will notice that they're a massive threat. Wild and unpredictable, it's surprising so many adventurers overlook these beings, but the fifteen-year-old Priestess has seen exactly what these monsters can do. When she joined a naive group of adventurers, they were ruthlessly ambushed by a group of goblins. Before she could confront her fate, the Goblin Slayer was able to save her with ease. Now she travels beside him, hoping to vanquish these evil creatures from the world for good. This is certainly a darker anime than Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, but if you're looking for a fantasy-themed anime it's an excellent followup. 

  • Touya Mochizuki was accidentally slain by a bolt of lightning; a mistake that God had not intended. To make up for losing his life, God offers Touya to be reborn in a fantasy-like world filled with magic. It sounds like a great deal, but Touya wants one thing in addition and asks that God let him bring his smartphone along for the journey. Making sure that he can always use it, Touya now starts over in a new life with the same phone always in hand. As he goes on this adventure of exploring the new world, he meets plenty of cute girls and finds out he even has an affinity for magic! Much like Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, this fantasy genre anime likes to have a lot of cute girls always on hand and an exocentric lead character with a healthy curiosity of the world around him. 

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    Sora and Shiro have been infamous online as the user with no name. Despite their genius tactics, they seem to be losing interest in games fast. As NEETs living a shut-in lifestyle, they've found the world to be the most boring game of all. When they receive an email challenging them to a game of chess, they both accept to play. What they don't realize is that this match is against the God of Games, Tet. Brought to a new world called Disboard, Tet tells them that the rules are simple; every conflict here is settled by a game. Sora and Shiro now have a new goal in mind as they journey to unite Disboard and defeat Tet in order to become the new gods of this world.