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The 13 Best Anime Like Kill La Kill

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Need recommendations for anime like Kill la Kill? If you’re looking for a story about revenge, friendship and adorable, slightly revealing, clothing, Kill La Kill will forever be one of the best anime series out there to watch. As a well-received show, it’s known for not being your typical anime in terms of style or story. After the loss of her father, Ryuuko Matoi is on a mission to find the person responsible for his death. Her only clue is a Scissor Blade that’s missing its other half. With the power of Goku Uniforms, clothing that grants the wearer incredible powers, she may just be able to find her revenge at Honnouji Academy.

If you’ve already watched this series, you’re probably looking for anime like Kill La Kill that has a unique feel to it. Luckily, shows like FLCL or Dead Leaves that showcase an interesting style or unconventional story are perfect recommendations for follow-ups. Here are our 13 top picks for anime recommendations like Kill La Kill that you simply have to watch! Let us know which ones you like the best by voting them up.

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    Living their entire lives underground, Simon and Kamina have always wondered what the world above them must look like. When Simon finds an artifact that turns out to power on a war machine, the two help defeat a surprise attack from the surface. Assisting them is the mysterious Yoko Littner, who helps take them to the surface. Searching the wastelands of the surface, the two young men will begin their journey in helping Yoko defeat monstrous creatures known as "Beastmen." If you liked the art style as well as the aspect of outside life influencing Earth, Gurren Lagann is a great addition to your watch list!

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    Who doesn't love the strange and unusual events that took place in Kill La Kill? Not to mention some of the great humor that came out of it in between the very serious fight scenes. If you want something that's equally as awesome but has just as much action, we'd recommend One Punch Man. Having lived as a businessman up until recently, Saitama had a very normal life that was rather boring. Deciding to pursue his dream of becoming a superhero, he trains consistently to boost his power, losing his hair in the process. There's only one problem; now that he's grown so powerful, he can take out any major enemy with just one punch. Now he's bored at the lack of a challenge, but that all changes when a young cyborg with a need for revenge, Genos, requests Saitama be his teacher. 

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      The way outside life forms effect Earth is one of the things that made Kill La Kill so interesting. Thankfully, FLCL has a very similar storyline and is a classic anyone should see! Naota Nandaba lives a regular life in a small town where nothing extraordinary ever seems to happen. After his brother leaves to play baseball in America, Naota decides to take care of everything he left behind. Living in the same routine, things change when a strange pink-haired girl riding a Vespa crashes into his life, literally. Haruko Haruhara is a strange girl claiming to be an alien, which Naota wouldn't believe except that ever since their encounter a horn has begun growing out of his head! 

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      Death City is essentially built around its famous Death Weapon Meister Academy, a school where both meisters and their weapons go to learn and hopefully create Death's most important tools. The weapons looking to become Death Scythes are human hybrids that can transform their bodies and be used by the humans training to be meisters. Maka Albarn and her Demon Scythe, Soul Eater Evans, are working together while attending classes, hoping to collect enough souls from evil beings to turn him into the next Death Scythe. However, one mistake ruins it all and they're back to square one. A series that also revolves around a supernatural school, Soul Eater has a strong female lead with a large responsibility to justice, just like in Kill La Kill

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