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The 13 Best Anime Like 'Miru Tights'

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Let's face it - sometimes you don't want to watch a long, serious, dramatic anime. Sometimes, you just want to watch a few minutes of well-animated fan service and be done with your day. Miru Tights is a Spring 2019 anime that provides just that. Each three-minute episode depicts the everyday school life of a group of high school girls. But the focus isn't their education or their social life - it's their thighs and feet, which are encased in pairs of lovingly detailed tights. If you're into that, Miru Tights is a revelation - but what other anime like Miru Tights might you be into?

There are a few other anime that also focus on feet and tights, including Too Hot For Teacher and Joshikausei. There are also other anime that are heavy on fan service but depict other body parts or attributes that fans may find appealing such as One Room or I Want You To Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your Underwear. If what you liked about Miru Tights was the script, you should check out the writer's other work, Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend.

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    Too Hot For Teacher

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    Too Hot For Teacher, also known as Shoujo-tachi no Sadism The Animation, is actually hentai, so proceed with caution and don't watch it in public. But if you have some alone time - or quality time with a partner - lined up it's a good watch for Miru Tights fans. That's because it's about a group of schoolgirls whose feet, legs, and thights are encased in tights, and are consistently on full display. It's essentially a more sexually explicit version of the same show. 

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      Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

      Fumiaki Maruto is in charge of Miru Tights' screenplay. If you like the writing, you might also appreciate his other work. For now, we'll zero in on his most famous work, Saekano: How To Raise a Boring Girlfriend. Just like Miru Tights, this anime is chock full of scintillating fan service - but it also has a plot and some pretty decent character development. The story follows Tomoya Aki, an otaku who wants to create his own dating sim, and recruits a group of talented girls to help him do it. 

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        I Want You To Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your Underwear

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        If you're a fan of Miru Tights, you probably enjoy anime that delivers its sexual content in a straightforward and honest way. You'll get the same thing from I Want You To Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your Underwear, an anime that gives you exactly what the title promises. It focuses on girls and women wearing a variety of outfits, then lifting their skirts as they make disdainful expressions. It's no more, and no less, than exactly what it purports to be.

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          Today's Asuka Show

          Today's Asuka Show is a 3-minute comedy ecchi anime about a high school girl named Asuka who is continuously doing things that could be interpreted as sexual, but which are meant innocently. If you liked the combination of high school life and sexually suggestive material present in Miru Tights, you might get a kick out of this show too. 

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