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The 13 Best Anime Like Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

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If you need recommendations for anime like Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, this ranked list has you covered! Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid took the world by storm with a strange plot that no one would have ever thought of; dragons cosplaying as adorable maids and living in the real world. After helping to save an ancient dragon, Kobayashi is surprised to see that it wants to continue living with her. Transforming into an adorable young woman in a maid outfit, Tooru is determined to serve Kobayashi however she can as a thank you for all her help. Of course, nothing about this seems remotely normal to Kobayashi and she really just wants to get to work. The series follows their seemingly normal everyday life as they deal with very abnormal circumstances.

This show is incredibly funny and has a lot to offer, but if you’ve already seen it, you’re probably looking for anime similar to Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. There are plenty of humorous series out there that have to deal with the unordinary living in a regular world, like Dragon Crisis! or The Devil is a Part-Timer! that would be a perfect follow up considering their mutual themes. Vote up the anime recommendations like Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid you'd most want other fans to check out.

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    Maika Sakuranomiya is struggling to find a part-time job because of the way her eyes look; she always seems to have a nasty look whenever she smiles that frightens off any potential employers. However, there may be a solution when an Italian man, the owner of the cafe Stile, offers her a job. Rather than continuously trying to change the way she looks, she can use this glare to help out the cafe. Here at Stile, every waitress has a special trait, such a tsundere or little sister, to appeal to the customers. Despite her personality, Maika's look is perfect for the "sadistic" role. While this series isn't about dragons or anything too out of the ordinary, the humor in this and the style of characters is very much the same to what we see in Miss Kobayashi's

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      In a large village where spirits dwell, a young fox girl named Yuzu has just gotten a very honorable opportunity to work at the traditional hot springs in, Konohanatei. As such a young spirit with no real work experience, Yuzu is put right to work and struggles to learn the basics. However, her interactions with the various visitors that come into the inn seem to help her grow as the series goes along. While this story is certainly more about a world beyond our own, there are various humans who travel through it and get to experience the hospitality that only Konohanatei can provide. While there are plenty of humorous moments that would certainly rival Miss Kobayashi's, what will really get you is the heartwarming moments you weren't expecting. 

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        Yoshifumi Nitta already seemed like an out-of-the-ordinary guy, considering his status as a yakuza member, but things become even more strange when Hina enters his life. After being hit in the head by a random capsule, he opens it to find a young girl inside who tells him nothing about her. Hina only tells him that she is incredibly powerful and, if she loses control or her powers remain unused, she could cause an explosion. Now her caregiver, Yoshifumi is about to find out how difficult it is to have a supernatural child in the house. While the premise is certainly different from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, the premise about a human being thrown into insane circumstances is very much the same. 

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          Enjoying the idea of a supernatural being staying in the real world, trying to live a regular life? Gabriel DropOut is definitely the next thing that needs to be on your list. As part of their training to become full-fledged angels, Gabriel White Tenma has been sent to Earth to live among humans. While she once believed that she would be a source of great happiness for them, her time on Earth has left her with a horrible video game addiction and the self-proclaimed title, "Fallen Angel." The leading character is very much like Tooru, especially in the way she'd rather live in the human world versus her own. 

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