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The 13 Best Anime Like Mob Psycho 100

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Mob Psycho 100 is a popular Studio Bones anime that follows a twelve-year-old boy named Mob Kageyama whose prodigious psychic abilities help him work as an exorcist's assistant - never mind the fact that his boss doesn't actually possess any psychic abilities at all. Alongside his slightly shady mentor, Mob infiltrates cults, takes down an organization of powerful psychics, and deals with the angst of adolescence - all set to some of the most exciting and surreal imagery to appear in recent years. 

With an anime as inventive as this one, it's hard to imagine that there's anything similar out there - but there is actually plenty of awesome anime like Mob Psycho 100 to queue up once you're finished. Some, like The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. and Hinamatsuri also deal with psychic kids. Others, like Gintama and Noragami have a similar approach to the concept of mentors. While all of these shows have something to recommend them, you may gravitate toward some more than others depending on what drew you to Mob Psycho 100. 

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