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The 13 Best Anime Like My Roommate Is A Cat

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My Roommate Is A Cat is one of the most adorable anime of the Winter 2019 season. Subaru Mikazauki is an introverted mystery writer who becomes a complete shut-in after his parents pass away. His life is desperately in need of some shaking up - and he gets the change he needs in the form of a stray cat named Haru, who he adopts by accident. Through Haru, he begins forging connections with the woman who works at the pet shop, his cat-loving editor, and more. His progress toward a healthy social life is slow but steady. This anime also gets into Haru's head, showing the world through the eyes of a wary but loving cat.

If you love this show, you're probably looking for My Roommate Is A Cat recommendationsIf you want to watch another series about a person with social issues slowly gaining positive bonds, try Barakamon or Recovery of an MMO Junkie. If you're looking for some sweet kitty action, She and Her Cat: Everything Flows is a great option. No matter what you're looking for, there's an anime like My Roommate is a Cat that's perfect for you.

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