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The 13 Best Anime Like My Roommate Is A Cat

My Roommate Is A Cat is one of the most adorable anime of the Winter 2019 season. Subaru Mikazauki is an introverted mystery writer who becomes a complete shut-in after his parents pass away. His life is desperately in need of some shaking up - and he gets the change he needs in the form of a stray cat named Haru, who he adopts by accident. Through Haru, he begins forging connections with the woman who works at the pet shop, his cat-loving editor, and more. His progress toward a healthy social life is slow but steady. This anime also gets into Haru's head, showing the world through the eyes of a wary but loving cat.

If you love this show, you're probably looking for My Roommate Is A Cat recommendationsIf you want to watch another series about a person with social issues slowly gaining positive bonds, try Barakamon or Recovery of an MMO Junkie. If you're looking for some sweet kitty action, She and Her Cat: Everything Flows is a great option. No matter what you're looking for, there's an anime like My Roommate is a Cat that's perfect for you.

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    If you want to see a quasi-functional young adult slowly move toward self-actualization with the help of someone they never intended to interact with, there's a good chance you might enjoy My Roommate is a Cat. You might like Barakamon for the exact same reason. Seishuu Handa is an anxious, overworked calligrapher living in Tokyo who goes ballistic and punches an old man who negatively rates his work. His father sends him to a rural island to calm down. There, he gets used to living life at a quieter pace, and is forced to enjoy things that aren't calligraphy by the local children. Slowly, he builds social skills, a network of friends, and becomes a happier, healthier person - just as Subaru is doing with the help of his cat, and all the people who his cat brings into his life.

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      How to Keep a Mummy

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      If you love anime about taking care of quirky pets, you might be craving something a little more exotic than a housecat. If so, you might like How to Keep a Mummy, an anime about a group of teenagers who are learning how to take care of exceptionally adorable supernatural pets. Sora doesn't quite understand what Mira wants or needs, but the two of them work hard to communicate across species barriers. This adorable anime will give you many of the same warm feelings that My Roommate is a Cat does, so if you enjoyed one, you should definitely check out the other.

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        Natsume's Book of Friends

        When Natsume receives a book from his grandmother that contains the names of yokai (demons), he makes it his mission to return the names to their owners, freeing them from being controlled by the book. At his side is Madara, a mysterious catlike being who is helping him under the condition that he will one day inherit the book himself. 

        What does any of this have to do with My Roommate is a Cat? Both of them involve a person's life being changed by a cat - despite the cat in Natsume being significantly more magical. Also, both of them have the same healing aura, and each episode will make you feel positive about life by the time it's over.

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          Poco's Udon World

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          After Souta Tawara's parents pass away, he decides to return to his hometown and take over an udon restaurant. His goal is complicated by the presence of a mysterious young boy who turns out to be a tanuki - a shapeshifter who has lived there for years. Assuming that the young tanuki is just as lonely as he is, Souta decides to take him in and give him a name - Poco. The two of them forge a friendship that's unlike anything either of them expected. If this sounds like almost the exact same plot as My Roommate is a Cat except that it involves a cat and novelist instead of a tanuki and a restaurant owner, that's because the two are strikingly similar. 

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