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The Best Anime Like Orange

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Orange is a Summer 2016 anime that left a lot of viewers sobbing by the end of it. One day, Naho Takemiya begins receiving mysterious messages from her future self with instructions for how to prevent her close friend Kakeru from taking his own life. At first, she doesn't take it seriously, but as the events in her life begin to resemble those described in the letter more closely, she realizes that she needs to figure out how to follow their instructions, and fast. It's an emotionally intense, beautiful anime - but are there other shows like it? Of course!

What is the best anime like Orange? That depends on what you like about the series. If you're in it for the time travel, you might want to make a movie night out of Mirai or The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Or binge-watch Steins;Gate or ERASED. If you're looking for something with a sharp focus on characters working through grief, but can take or leave the time travel, check out Your Lie in April or March Comes In Like A Lion. No matter what your preferences, there's something on this list that's perfect for you. 

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  • Just like Orange, Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, deals with recovering from grief through the power of love and friendship - and it adds a supernatural twist. Over the course of the series, a group of friends attempt to heal after their friend Menma's accidental death. When her ghost appears before Jinta, he has to figure out a way to convince his friends that she's there so that they can work together to put her spirit to rest. 

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  • Although he doesn't do so through time travel, the protagonist of ReLIFE  does get to redo part of his life in the hopes of getting a better outcome. By taking a pill, 27-year-old Arata Kaizaki is able to physically transform into a teenage version of himself, and repeat a year of high school. Through doing this, he hopes to steer his life in a more positive direction - one that doesn't involve working at a dead-end job after his corporate career came to a grinding halt. Just as Kakeru's life is improved with the power of friendship, so is Arata's - it's the friends he makes during his do-over that put him on the path toward self-improvement. 

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      As the title makes clear, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time deals with time travel. Much like Orange, it blends the time travel premise with the slice-of-life genre. Makoto Konno is a high school student who has no idea what she wants to do with her life, but is feeling pressure from all sides to make a decision. When she discovers that she can escape that pressure through literally leaping into different time periods, she thinks that her problem is solved - but changing the timeline has consequences that she doesn't anticipate. 

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      Iroduku: The World in Colors follows a teenager named Hitomi Tsukishiro who comes from a family of witches but has no interest in magic - or in the rest of her life. Her grandmother Kohaku senses that Hitomi is depressed, and decides to address the issue by sending her backward in time. In an environment unlike any she's ever experienced, Hitomi encounters a new group of friends - including a teenage version of her grandmother - who allow her to see magic - and her life - in a whole new light. If you're looking for another anime about psychological healing through time travel, you can't miss this P.A. Works series. 

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