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The Best Anime Like Philosopher's Grandson

Philosopher's Grandson, also known as Kenja no Mago or Wiseman's Grandchild, is one of the latest additions to the isekai genre. A bored and exhausted young office employee is struck by a car and passes away, but is reincarnated into a magical world. Though he retains the memories of his former life, he grows up as Shin Wolford, a young boy being raised by a mage named Merlin. Though Shin possesses unrivaled magical potential, he has a problem - Merlin never taught him any basic life skills. With so much power and so little common sense, how will he manage?

Are there other anime like Philosopher's Grandson? Of course! Anime like KonoSuba, Re:ZERO, and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime all follow the same basic premise - a person loses their life, but is reincarnated into a magical world where they possess powers they never could have dreamed of. There are also shows like No Game No Life where the characters don't reincarnate, they just travel - but the overall feel of the shows is similar. 

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