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The Best Anime Like Psycho-Pass

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Psycho-Pass is one of the most memorable anime of 2012, and for good reason. It takes place in a dystopian future where Japan is strictly controlled by the Sybil System, a complicated algorithm that determines whether or not a person will become a criminal. Akane Tsunemori joins the police force and is tasked with eliminating these people before they become threats - but the more time she spends on the job, the more she learns about the horrifying secrets of the system. Meanwhile, she tries to take down Shougo Makishima, a terrorist trying to overthrow the Sybil System. If you love this show, you're probably looking for some other anime like Psycho-Pass. Use this list to guide yourself toward your next new favorite show. 

Which show you should choose depends on what first drew you to Psycho-Pass. Some anime similar to Psycho-Pass are a match in both mood and content. Just like Psycho-Pass, Ergo Proxy is a grim, futuristic series that questions the basic underpinnings of its own dystopian society. Other shows, like Charlotte, differ in tone, but still contain important similarities, like people being victimized by the government before they've actually done anything wrong.

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    If Shougo Makishima were the protagonist of Psycho-Pass, it would be Terror in Resonance. This anime follows the members of a terrorist cell called Sphinx as they create random chaos in order to let the world know about all of the terrible things that happened to them when they were the victims of child experimentation. Makishima's past isn't explored the way that Nine and Twelve are, but he's every bit as willing as they are to destroy property and take lives in order to dismantle the oppressive Sybil System. 

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      Both Death Note and Psycho-Pass present viewers with ideas about what should be done to prevent crime, and then brutally tear down those ideas. Light Yagami eliminates criminals using a magical notebook, hoping not only to literally get rid of evil people but also to persuade would-be criminals not to act. Meanwhile, the Sybil System takes out people it believes could be criminals, something Light would surely have done if he were able to. Both methods are explored and then ultimately condemned through other characters, and through the consequences of the methods on the rest of the world.

      If you loved Psycho-Pass' exploration of morality, Death Note is for you. If nothing else, it'll be entertaining to think about how much Shougo Makishima would despise Light Yagami.

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        Both Death Parade and Psycho-Pass begin with an assumption about morality: it's easy to judge people and punish them according to a rigid, bureaucratic structure. Both come to the conclusion that actually, humanity is far more complex than that, and that any system that judges humans so brutally can't possibly be right. Death Parade explores this theme through Decim, a sentient mannequin whose job is to put human souls through rigorous and painful tests to determine whether they should be reincarnated or destroyed. When he meets Chiyuki, a human who can't remember her past, he starts to question the purpose of these tests. 

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          When most of Earth becomes uninhabitable, humans are confined to artificial domes. In order to help humanity survive the transition and find a way out of it quickly, humans begin to rely on artificially intelligent robots called AutoReivs. Due to the Cogito virus, the AutoReivs start gaining self-awareness, prompting Re-l Mayer and her Auto-Reiv partner to investigate. The investigation turns up some terrifying truths about humanity, truths which the investigators will have to either accept or try to change.

          Though centered around artificial intelligence and sentience rather than crime and punishment like Psycho-Pass, the cyberpunk atmosphere and the process of uncovering difficult truths are the same. 

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