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The 13 Best Anime Like RWBY

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Whether or not RWBY actually qualifies as an anime is a matter of contention. Some people define anime by its style, while others define it by its country of origin. The problem with the first definition is that anime actually encompasses a wide variety of styles, making it difficult if not impossible to define it by any specific artistic elements. RWBY wasn't created in Japan - instead, it's an American production by the late Monty Oum and Roosterteeth. Though the team made many artistic choices that are common to anime, it's more accurate to call it "anime-inspired" than "anime."

This isn't to disparage it in any way - the fact that Western creators are using what's great about anime to enhance their own work is an example of a long history of cultural sharing between Japanese and American media. While RWBY isn't an anime per se, it has a lot in common with many anime series which make for excellent RWBY recommendations, like Soul Eater and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, as well as other Western shows that are influenced by the medium, like Avatar: The Last Air Bender, and Voltron: Legendary Defender. There are plenty more examples of anime similar to RWBY where that came from.

If you're a RWBY fan looking for something new to watch, check out one of these great anime like RWBY.

  • Mai-HiME
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    Mai-HiME centers around a group of teenage girls who are attending Fuuka Academy. They discover that they possess latent magical powers - called the HiME - which will allow them to do battle against dangerous and mysterious beings called Orphans. The Orphans aren't their only problem, though - they're also being targeted by the Searrs Corporation. From the incredible weaponry that both casts use to the focus on the drama of high school life, this anime has a lot in common with RWBY

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    • If you're looking for a show that amplifies the dark tone that sometimes appears in RWBY and applies it to the whole series, you may want to watch Ajin: Demi-human. This anime focuses on the social persecution of super-powered immortal beings, and the consequences of that persecution. The story is quite different from RWBY, but it does have a similar sense of mounting danger. What's more, this anime also makes use of CGI animation techniques - and just like in RWBY, there are parts of Ajin where the animation is utterly breathtaking - and even when it's not, fans of RWBY are forgiving as long as they get those great moments.  

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    • Claymore
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      One of the coolest things about RWBY is its quartet of strong female protagonists who wield powerful weapons against monstrous enemies. While Claymore focuses on a single hard-as-nails woman, the experience of watching Clare tear youma apart is a lot like watching Team RWBY go up against Grimms. Besides a focus on powerful women, both shows go hard when it comes to showcasing spectacular weaponry. 

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    • Just like in RWBY, Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation features a group of talented female warriors who are dedicated to protecting the world around them. In Neptunia's case, it's a coalition of goddesses who are attempting to prevent war from breaking out, and do so through a combination of diplomacy and combat. What's more, the battle scenes in both shows share some visual similarities. 

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