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The 13 Best Anime Like Samurai Jack

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Samurai Jack first aired in 2001, but it's stayed alive in fans' hearts since then. Because it originated in the USA, it isn't technically anime, but it's enjoyed by many anime fans for its Japan-inspired themes and aesthetics. It tells the story of a samurai from feudal Japan who travels forward in time in order to stop a demon named Aku from his evil doings. It features a powerful mix of humor and genuine emotion, as well as some of the most inventive art in cartoon history. 

Are there anime similar to Samurai Jack? Absolutely. Some anime like Samurai Jack feature similar themes, such as time travel, samurai, and swordsmanship. A few aren't anime at all, but American cartoons that were inspired by it. 

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  • Though its popularity has waned a bit in recent years, Bleach is one of the biggest shonen series in the world of anime - and it's a great watch if you're into Samurai Jack. Bleach follows Ichigo Kurosaki and his comrades as they seek to defeat Hollows, corrupt spirits that feed on human souls. Not only do both shows focus on defeating a supernatural evil, but both also have incredible action scenes with a focus on sword fighting. 

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    • If you liked Samurai Jack because of its expert balance between wacky nonsense and serious, heartfelt scenes, you may also like NarutoYes, if you're an anime fan you've probably seen at least some of it, but you haven't necessarily watched the whole thing. It follows the titular Naruto Uzumaki on his journey from shunned orphan to the leader of his nation, exploring that nation's political, military, and social history, and delivering some seriously epic battles. Some episodes are funny ones about trying to figure out what's underneath Kakashi's mask or getting chased by ostriches - bearing a strong resemblance to the episode where Jack spends the whole time getting his shoes fixed - but others are deeply serious.

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        After two samurai try to help out a waitress in trouble but end up destroying her workplace in the process, the two are about to be executed - but the waitress saves them by hiring them for a mission - to find the samurai who smells like sunflowers. Thus unfolds one of the greatest anime of 2004. Not only is it similar to Samurai Jack because of its obvious samurai theme it also integrates a more modern aesthetic. Samurai Jack accomplishes this through time travel, while Samurai Champloo simply infuses hip hop music and dance moves into its story.

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          Like Samurai Jack, Inuyasha features a character who travels through time and ends up helping to fight a great evil - in fact, the evil in both shows even has a similar name, one being Naraku and the other being Aku. Kagome travels backward in time rather than forward, but she undergoes a similar culture shock as she figures out how to exist in a time that's completely unlike what she's used to. 

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