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The Best Anime Like Sarazanmai

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Being in 8th grade is already a strange time in anyone's life, but could you imagine being turned into a Kappa during all of it? Kazuki Yasaka and his friends Toi and Enta have been physically changed by an entity named Keppi after accidentally breaking a statue of a Kappa. Keppi needs the boys in order to fight Kapa-zombies that threaten his home of the Kappa Kingdom, but it certainly isn't an easy task. In order to do this, the boys must create a sound known as "Sarazanmai," but need to be in harmony with one another in order to create it. Since neither of the boys seems to be able to do this at first, it's going to be a long journey getting back to their human form. 

If you're looking for anime like Sarazanmai, you've come to the right list! Shows like Is This a Zombie? portray characters being randomly turned into a strange being and having to fight against an unknown foe. Others, like Tsuritama, show us the supernatural in the form of water and friendship. Whatever you choose to watch from this list is bound to be an excellent choice.

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  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime has certainly been making a positive impression with the anime community, so you should definitely hop on that hype train if you haven't already. Becoming something you would have never dreamed of, like the characters in Sarazanmai experienced, Satoru Mikami has been reincarnated as a slime in his next life. Bland as it might seem to a normal person, slimes have the ability to absorb new things and gain new powers while being resistant to many things; something Satoru, now named Rimuru, takes advantage of frequently. An adventure full of passionate moments and plenty of humor, this should already be added to your watch list! 

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    • Kanba and Shouma have never had an easy life; with both their parents gone, they are the ones soley responsible for their younger sister, Himari, who is extremely sick. With her health staying consistently bad, she's given one day outside of the hospital for a sense of normalcy. Taking her to the aquarium to celebrate her newfound freedom, the brothers are horrified when she collapses. By some miracle, a penguin hat magically cures her, but with a price. Now an entity lives inside her body and, for the price of keeping her alive, has asked the boys to retrieve the "Penguin Drum." Their journey will be full of twists and turns as they learn multiple shocking truths about their own past. With the similarity of a strange creature asking young boys to go out on a mission, Mawaru Penguindrum has a lot to offer like Sarazanmai does. 

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        Yuu Otosaka may seem like the perfect student, but he has a secret; having the ability to take over another person's body without their knowledge for five seconds at a time, Yuu has been cheating his way through school. Of course, no normal person would ever think to suspect this, but one girl certainly notices. The strange Nao Tomori confronts Yuu about his powers, defining his abilities perfectly. Coercing him to leave his current school and attend Hoshinoumi Academy and become a member of the student council in order to learn more about his powers and how to better control them. Charlotte is a very popular supernatural anime that you should definitely consider watching if you love Sarazanmai

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        • Due to his grandmother's job, Yuki Sanada often has to move around, never really getting any social interaction. It's because of his closed-off life that he's socially awkward to such an extent that he'll pass out from the exertion of talking to people. Abandoning hope that he'll ever truly make friends, Yuki doesn't expect things to really change when he moves to Enoshima. Things change when he meets the self-proclaimed alien named Haru who carries around a fishbowl and water gun. What sort of strange journey will these unexpected friends face? Tsuritama is a perfect follow up to Sarazanmai because it has a lot of the oddball humor and supernatural elements that make both so enjoyable to watch. 

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