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The Best Anime Like Soul Eater

Updated 6 Nov 2019 1.9k votes 518 voters 13.1k views18 items
With so many fans of the show, people often ask what the best anime like Soul Eater is. If you're unfamiliar, Soul Eater is another show that embraces the concept of shinigami, or soul reapers, as a basic premise, but with a unique touch: one turns into a weapon and other is the wielder of the weapon. The world it's set in is completely bizarre, complete with a sinister smiling moon, zany characters and peculiar witches that add a lot of flair to the show. If you've finished the series and have to have more, there are plenty of other anime similar Soul Eater that you should definitely check out. Bleach might be the most obvious show to point to, given that the show is full of sword fighting and soul reapers. YuYu Hakusho is another great shonen anime that is kind of like Soul Eater, although the series is a little older. What anime would you recommend to fans who want to watch something that is like Soul Eater? Vote for the shows that you think are the most similar below, and add any to the list that aren't here already.
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