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The Best Anime Like Spirited Away

Spirited Away is one of the most beloved movies from the legendary Studio Ghibli. On her way to a new home with her parents. a sullen 10-year-old named Chihiro stops in an abandoned theme park. As her parents are transformed into pigs, she realizes that they have unknowingly become part of the spirit world. Chihiro must make her way through this new world to find a way to change her parents back to normal and resume her former life. The story is gorgeously animated and wonderfully told, and is considered one of the greatest anime movies in history. But are there other anime like Spirited Away out there? While nothing can exactly replicate this incredible movie, there are other anime that have much in common with it.

Some anime similar to Spirited Away are full-length anime, like Mushishi and Natsume's Book of Friends. Others are movies like Spirited Away - Ghibli's other films often follow female protagonists on journeys of self-discovery, and watching other Ghibli films offers a similar experience. But movies from other studios like Hotarubi no Mori e and Children Who Chase Lost Voices also resemble Chihiro's story. 

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  • While it would be easy to put every single movie by Studio Ghibli on this list due to stylistic similarities, we'll stick to just one - Howl's Moving Castle. Like Spirited AwayHowl's Moving Castle follows a female protagonist who is unhappy in her ordinary life. Sophie a young woman who works at a hat shop and is so serious that she's failing to enjoy her youth. Through meeting an eccentric wizard named Howl and also literally transforming into an old woman, she begins a magical journey that helps set her on the path toward happiness. Meanwhile, spending time in a magical world helps Chihiro develop a sense of gratitude, wonder and joy in her everyday life.

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  • Hotarubi no Mori e is a supernatural love story that is steeped in Japanese mythology. While Spirited Away cannot be completely summed up by its romance, the relationship between Chihiro and Haku is still an important part of the story - and it has a lot in common with the one between Hotaru and Gin. Both Chihiro and Hotaru are young human girls who have little experience with the world of spirits. Both Gin and Haku are an integral part of the spiritual world. In both cases, a human and a spirit fall in love, but cannot truly be together because they don't belong to the same worlds. 

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    The Ancient Magus' Bride

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    Chihiro of Spirited Away and Chise of The Ancient Magus' Bride have more in common than just their similar names. Both of them begin their anime dissatisfied with their lives - though Chihiro's unhappiness about moving is in quite a different category from Chise's abject misery after her parents' passing. Both of them enter worlds full of magic that they never could have imagined before. That magic proves to be both dangerous and beautiful, and it helps them understand themselves on a deeper level and become stronger people. Also, both of them fall in love with someone who isn't quite human. While Chihiro returns to her real life with a renewed sense of self and Chise continues her life in the magical world, the two undergo similar journeys. 

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      Natsume's Book of Friends

      Natsume's Book of Friends follows a young man whose grandmother left him a magical book. All yokai (demons) whose names are recorded within the book are under Natsume's control, which is why he's constantly pursued by yokai who want their freedom. He decides to dedicate his life to setting them free - a process that he'll need a lot of help with. Like Spirited Away, Natsume's Book of Friends is about a young person who is thrown into a world of mythology that he doesn't fully understand, but is nevertheless dedicated toward progressing through.

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