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15 Anime Fans of Star Wars Will Enjoy

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Do you love Star Wars, or know someone who does? If you answered yes, and you also love anime, you may be looking for an anime like Star Wars. While there's nothing that can exactly replicate the experience of George Lucas' legendary space opera, there are actually some great anime that have a lot in common with the series. 

Some anime for Star Wars fans take place totally or partially in outer space, so if you love the movies for their otherworldly nature, you may also like Cowboy Bebop, an anime that's just as renowned as Star Wars is, which follows a crew of bounty hunters as they chase their next big payday around the universe. If you aren't bothered about the setting but want something else with an expansive and intricately designed world, you can always give One Piece a whirl. Want to see anime lightsabers and force-like powers passed on to someone who never expected to get them? Watch Tenchi Muyo. No matter what you love about Star Wars, there's an anime to meet your needs.

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    Whether or not you like Star Wars, you should still check out Cowboy Bebop at some point in your life. But if you do appreciate George Lucas's films, you may want to bump it up a few notches on your to-watch list. That's because both series feature a ragtag group of misfits who are traveling through space. While most of the characters in Star Wars are out to defeat some evil organization or another, Han Solo is a drifter who is searching for his next big payday - which means that he'd fit in perfectly with the bounty hunters of the Bebop crew.

    If you want to see an anime that's basically a bunch of different versions of Han Solo going on adventures together, you can't lose with Cowboy Bebop. 

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  • Originally created in 1982, Super Dimensional Fortress Macross is a sprawling space opera that follows humanity into intergalactic warfare. After a spaceship crashes into earth, humans take the wreckage and try to restore its functionality. Just as they complete this endeavor, an alien species called the Zentradi appear to investigate, since the ship belongs to an enemy planet. When the newly fixed ship accidentally fires at the Zentradi scouts, they conclude that Earth has allied with their enemies. Suddenly, humanity is drafted into a terrifying battle for which they are wholly unprepared.

    While the plot isn't exactly the same as the one that can be found in Star Wars, the series will likely appeal to anyone who enjoys stories focused on intergalactic politics and warfare.

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  • One of the coolest things about Star Wars is how extensive its universe is. For die-hard fans, there's a whole lot more to explore than just the movies. Whether it's video games, novels, or TV shows, there are countless avenues to explore its world. What's more, there's a massive cast of characters, all of which have different backgrounds, goals, and personalities. 

    The only other anime that can truly be said to match Star Wars in terms of the complexity of its world is One Piece. At nearly 1000 episodes long - not to mention the original manga, the spin-off movies, and more - One Piece has a wide range of finely developed characters, multiple societies with their own political circumstances, and countless storylines that can easily keep you entertained for years. If you love Star Wars for its expansive universe but are looking for another world to dive into, try One Piece. 

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  • Legend Of The Galactic Heroes is one of the most dramatic, intense shows about space-based warfare in the history of anime - which is exactly why you should watch it if you love Star Wars. After a 150 year stalemate, the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance decide that it's time to decide the fate of the universe once and for all. On one side, there's Reinhard von Lohengramm, a man who wants to unite the whole Galaxy under a single banner. On the other, there's Yang Wenli, a historian who pushes for democracy at any cost. This epic 110 episode anime will give you political intrigue, showstopping fight scenes, and just about everything else you could want as a Star Wars fan.

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