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The Best Anime Like We Never Learn: BOKUBEN

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We Never Learn: BOKUBEN, also known as We Never Learn and Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai is one of the hottest new anime to come out of the Spring 2019 season. Nariyuki Yuiga is a hardworking student from a poor family whose goal is to win a prestigious scholarship that offers a full ride to university. He's offered the scholarship on one condition - that he tutor Rizu Ogata and Fumino Furuhashi. At first, he has no idea what he can possibly teach these brilliant girls, but he learns that neither one wants to go to school for the area they excel in - instead, they want to study an area they have no talent for at all. If you're a fan of the show, you might be looking for anime like We Never Learn: BOKUBEN. If so, this list will help guide you toward your next great watch.

Some anime similar to We Never Learn have premises that are nearly identical - if you're looking for a show about a tutor dealing with challenging female students who he experiences romantic tension with, you should check out The Quintessential Quintuplets. If you're looking for a show that doesn't necessarily follow the same plotline but features a similar vibe, you should try out My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy or Nisekoi. Whatever your tastes, there's something fun on this list for you. 

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    The Royal Tutor is basically We Never Learn for viewers who would prefer if the students were male. Heine Wittgenstein's job is to prepare the king's four sons to take on positions within the monarchy. This task is far from easy - whether the princes are incompetent, uncooperative, or a combination of both, each one of them presents a new reason for Heine to develop a headache. The series treads into more serious territory than We Never Learn is expected to, but the premise is remarkably similar.

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      Kanade Amakusa has a strange problem that makes his life incredibly complicated. At random times throughout the day, a deity forces him to choose between two equally ridiculous and dangerous options. Often, they're on the lewd side. While this earns him an unpleasant reputation, it also brings him closer to some of the girls who surround him - and forces him to go through with some truly strange adventures. 

      While the plots aren't obviously similar, they do both involve boys who end up speaking to a number of eccentric girls through circumstances that are not entirely of their choosing. While Naruyuki definitely has an easier time of things than Kanade does, the two of them could probably be friends. Even if the plots of the two series are largely dissimilar, the genre similarities, as well as the bright and bouncy animation, will likely appeal to fans of We Never Learn

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      Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun and We Never Learn have one key thing in common - both of them center on a person with well-rounded but average abilities helping someone with extreme talent in one area but total incompetence in another area to achieve their goals. While Nariyuki is trying to help Rizu and Fumino be accepted into colleges that focus on areas they have no talent for, Chiyo Sakura is trying to help her classmate Umetarou Nozaki navigate basic social interactions. Technically, her job is to be his manga assistant, but more often than not, she's dispensing social advice.

      Nozaki-kun may be light on the fan service, but it's still thematically similar to We Never Learn.

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    • While some people get into teaching or tutoring for the sake of improving someone else's mind, others have motives that aren't quite so selfless. In Nariyuki's case, while he does genuinely want to help Fumino and Rizu succeed, he never would have thought to tutor them if he wasn't angling for a scholarship recommendation so that he can go to college for free. Eikichi Onizuka becomes a teacher not because he loves kids and wants to help them, but because he's hoping for a chance to leer at high school girls. Despite their self-centered reasons for taking on students, both of them do put their best effort into being helpful and form meaningful bonds with their charges. 

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