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The Best Anime Like Why the Hell Are You Here, Teacher!?

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Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!? is one of those ecchi student/teacher comedies that always has you laughing with its absurd and inappropriate humor. Ichirou Satou happens to be a rather unfortunate student who continuously finds himself in lewd situations with his teacher, Kana Kojima, unintentionally. With the risk of being labeled a deviant always on the table, each episode follows the mishaps that lead him into these awkward circumstances. 

If you enjoy this kind of humor or like the teacher/student pairings that come of it, then we have a list for you! An anime like Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!? is Asa Made Jugyou Chu!, it follows the same brand of humor where a student is thrown in absurd situations and often has a teacher chasing after them. There are also more serious choices like Scum's Wish that has a complete twisted love triangle where teachers and students alike are involved, leading to nothing but tragedy. Regardless of your preferences, we have a little bit of everything! 

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  • Nano Saikawa is a high school teacher who hasn't ever really thought about marriage before a friend of her father's asks to set up an interview between his son and her. When she meets Souichirou Takamiya, the two seem to really hit it off. After the interview, they spend the day together and he asks for her hand in marriage. Things seem perfect until the very end after the two have slept together. Taking off his glasses, Nano realizes that he's not Souichirou, but his younger brother and her problem student, Souji Kuga. Not wanting anything to do with a student, Nano tries to distance herself, but it may be too late. With such a ridiculous plot, My Matchmaking Partner Is My Student and a Troublemaker is certainly one of those absurd anime series like Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!? that you can't help but to laugh at. 

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    • If you need something similar to Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!? that has more of a supernatural component, Please Teacher is a perfect fit. Kei Kusanagi first meets Mizuho Kazami as a strange glowing woman by a lake. As an alien from the Galaxy Federation, Mizuho certainly has a lot of surprises, but perhaps the biggest one is that she's actually his teacher! As the two spend more time together, they begin to fall in love. Obviously, the relationship is taboo for a number of reasons, but when the principal finds out the only solution given to them is to be married. Now they have to keep their romantic life a secret from high school students and Federation officers alike! 

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      • If you're looking for something that has the same kind of high school humor as Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?, but with less of the student/teacher dynamic, consider watching Waiting in the Summer, which has just as much comedy with an equal measure of drama. Kaito Kirishima was testing out his camera when a strange blue light almost crashed into him. Just before the impact, however, he recalled a hand reaching out to grab him. Now conscious, and back in his bedroom, Kaito decides to create a movie with all of his friends over a summer that they'll never forget. With a supernatural element and plenty of romance to go around, it's definitely a series you'll want on your watch list. 

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        • If you want something that has a lot more drama with a few teacher/student dynamics, Scum's Wish is an absolute must see; although we will warn you that it is a little saddening than Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?. Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya may look like a perfect couple, but the reality is that they have always been in love with someone else. Hanabi has yearned for her childhood friend and teacher, Narumi Kanai, since she was young. However, he develops a relationship with a coworker instead. Mugi has always loved Akane Minagawa, but she just so happens to be the one with Narumi. With so much more to the story, discover the woes of love and the heartbreak of desperately trying not to be lonely. 

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