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The 13 Best Anime Like Your Lie In April

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Want more anime like Your Lie in April? Even musical prodigies struggle from time to time, and Your Lie in April definitely proved that. Perhaps the greatest lesson to come from this anime series is that, regardless of how you’ve lost the passion for something you love, you can always rekindle the fire. Sometimes all you need is just a little push! Of course, the other lesson to be learned is that there will be people who pass through your life that cannot stay.

Finishing this series is simply not enough; with so much passion and a lot of emotional turmoil that goes on, you’re going to want to watch something else once you’re done to fill the void, such as Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, Kids on the Slope, and March Comes in like a Lion . Here are the best recommendations that will help you move on, or perhaps throw you further down the rabbit hole, once you’ve finished Your Lie in April!

  • If you're not really looking for a series, you might enjoy the movie Your Name. Mitsuha Miyamizu lives in a rural town, longing for a more exciting life. Taki Tachibana is a boy living in the city while going to school in hopes of achieving his dreams. Perhaps Mitsuha will finally get her wish granted when she wakes up in Taki's body one morning! The two figure out that they have switched with each other and now have to act as though they're living the other person's typical day. As they begin to search for what this strange phenomenon is, they realize that there may be more to their chance encounter. 

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  • Haruki Shiga has come across a book in the hospital waiting room with the handwritten words on the cover, "Living with the Dying." This book is actually the diary of a popular girl from his class, Sakura Yamauchi, who's revealed to have a fatal pancreatic illness. Because she only has so little time left, she decides that she will make the absolute most out of life before it's over. While Haruki has never been much for the spice of life, he certainly begins to change his attitude the more he hangs around Sakura. While this series doesn't revolve around music, it does hold many of the same themes that Your Lie in April touched on. 

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    • Meiko "Menma" Honma died years ago, yet she still seems to be pestering Jinta Yadomi from beyond the grave. Suddenly being able to see her, Jinta feels she's only an image produced from stress. After all, he's led the life of a hermit with anxiety for the outside world. But Menma needs a favor; she'd like for her childhood friends to finally make her wish come true. A promise made between children, now young adults, Jinta has to find a way to bring together estranged friends in hopes of putting Menma's spirit to rest. Be prepared for waterworks and a massive amount of feelings, just like Your Lie in April

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      Do you like the strange and unusual? While Your Lie in April didn't particularly touch on this, Orange holds the same amount of feels with an exciting twist. Naho Takamiya receives a letter from her future self, claiming that she made many mistakes in her youth that she regrets. By sending her this letter, she hopes that her younger self will be able to correct some of these regrets. Her biggest one seems to revolve around the new transfer student, Kakeru Naruse. At first, it seems strange that everything goes back to him, but as Naho realizes the stress and darkness that seems to consume Kakeru, she knows she must strive to make a difference. A story about helping a friend in need find passion in life once again, this series is a wonderful slice of life. 

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