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Yuri!!! On Ice is one of the most popular anime of 2016, and it remains popular to this day. Yuri Katsuki is a professional figure skating who sinks into a depression after he flops at a competition. Just when he thinks his career is over, his idol Victor Nikiforov sees a video of his skating and decides to become his coach. Through the process of preparing for the Grand Prix, the two of them form a tight romantic bond. It's a beautiful show that's as high-energy as it is heartwarming - but are there other great anime similar to Yuri!!! on Ice? Of course there are!

What are some of the best anime like Yuri!!! On Ice? That depends on what you loved about it. If you appreciated it for its ability to combine character development with athletic pursuits, you should probably check out Free! or Run With the WindDon't care about the sports angle but dig the focus on a romantic bond between two men or boys? Check out Banana Fish or No.6. Want to watch an anime that's either about figure skating itself or about a similar sport? Ginban Kaleidoscope and Welcome ot the Ballroom should go on your to-watch list. Whatever your interests, you're sure to find something you'll like.

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Free!, also known as the swimming anime, follows a group of high school students who start a swim team in their high school, and follow their dreams of athletic glory. But it's not just a straightforward sports anime. Much like it is in Yuri on Ice, it's the characters' emotional problems and relationships thar carry the story. Haru struggles to connect with other people and yearns for a life where he can dedicate every moment to swimming, instead of attending to the obligations of the real world. However, his bonds with his friends also mean a great deal to him, and those bonds are tested repeatedly throughout the series. Don't worry though, while it does get deep, Free! has plenty of light-hearted fun and fan service moments, just like  like Yuri on Ice does.

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Thanks to a painful experience, the protagonist has lost their drive to participate in their once-beloved art form. In fact, they've become physically unable to do it. It takes a chance meeting with a fellow artist who believes in their abilities to get them back on track with the thing they love to do. As they work together to create a performance, they begin to develop romantic feelings for one another. 

Is this a summary of Yuri on Ice, or is it about Your Lie In April? It could easily apply to either series - which means that if you like one, there's a lot for you to appreciate about the other. Be forewarned, though, Your Lie in April will probably make you cry buckets - so it's a good choice if you want a Yuri on Ice vibe with a side helping of emotional devastation. 

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My Hero Academia might seem like an odd choice for fans of Yuri on Ice to check out. On the surface, there's not much that a show about trainee superheroes learning their craft and fighting against villains has in common with a show about ice skating. But the two shows are deceptively similar.

Both Izuku and Yuri begin the series by meeting their heroes. In Izuku's case, it's All Might, a literal superhero who Izuku has looked up to since childhood. Thanks to a chance encounter, All Might notices Izuku's potential and gets him started on the path to becoming a hero himself. But while Izuku worships the ground All Might walks on, he's actually more vulnerable than anyone realized. Yuri's hero is Victor, a professional skater who notices Yuri's talent through an online video and decides to become his coach. This gets Yuri back into the skating game after a bout of depression - but Victor isn't exactly the person Yuri thought he was.

While the ultimate destination of each story is quite different, the set-ups have plenty in common. 

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You may have watched Yuri on Ice not for the athleticism, but for the deep connection between two male protagonists. If that's the case, you might also want to check out No.6No.6. is set in a dystopian future where the elite members of society live in luxurious and well-protected city-states. Meanwhile, the people on the outside suffer from poverty and violence. Nezumi is a fugitive who sneaks into one of the cities, where he's taken in by Shion, a child of the elite. For helping him, Shion is stripped of his status and forced to experience the margins of society for the first time in his life. As he awakens to the unfair reality of the world around him, Shion also starts to fall in love with Nezumi.

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