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17 Anime Characters Who Are Completely Oblivious To Someone Else's Crush On Them

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Just because it's obvious to the viewer that a character is madly in love doesn't mean that it is for the characters. Actually, there are plenty of characters who are completely oblivious to the fact that someone has a crush on them.

Sometimes, it's understandable that they wouldn't get it - Violet Evergarden is a child soldier who doesn't understand human emotion in general, so of course, she's not going to get even the most blatant of confessions. But at other times it's just kind of ridiculous - how in the heck does Tanaka of Ueno-san wa Bukiyō manage to miss all of his senpai's clear signs?

Whether it makes sense or it doesn't, these clueless anime characters can be entertaining, but they can also add some serious drama to the stories they're involved in. Which one is the most blatantly oblivious? That's for you to decide. 

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    Kousei Arima - 'Your Lie In April'

    When you're heavily focused on your own personal issues, it can be hard to notice that someone else has feelings for you. This is definitely the case for Kousei Arima. While it's blatantly obvious to the audience that both his childhood friend Tsubaki and his fellow musician Kaori are head over heels for him, he doesn't notice Tsubaki's feelings and he easily believes Kaori's lie that she's interested in someone else.

    To be fair to Kousei, Kaori is actively trying to conceal her feelings toward him, but her passionate interest in having him play music with her could have clued him in. Sadly, though, he doesn't realize how she feels about him - or how he feels about her - until she's passed away and it's too late to do anything about it.

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    Violet Evergarden - 'Violet Evergarden'

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    The entire plot of Violet Evergarden revolves around the titular character's inability to understand love. When she worked as a soldier, she worked under her major, who told her that he loved her before passing away. She doesn't understand what he meant by that, and she thinks that if she has a job that helps her understand human emotions, she might gain some insight. To accomplish this, Violet takes a job as an Auto Memories Doll, a job that requires her to write emotionally nuanced letters that depict the inner feelings of her clients.

    At first, she takes everything literally, mangling her letters and failing to notice when the people she meets having romantic feelings toward her or toward anyone else - but as the series progresses, her emotional intelligence grows. 

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  • While Chizuru can be quite insightful about some things, she's slow on the uptake when it comes to romance. She helps Ayane arrange for Kazehaya and Sawako to spend time together without realizing that Kazehaya has a thing for Sawako. But her cluelessness extends beyond her friends and into her personal life. She has a huge crush on her older neighbor Toru, and she's so preoccupied with those feelings that she doesn't notice that Ryu, Toru's brother who is roughly her age, is interested in her. When he confesses, she's absolutely horrified and has no idea how to respond. 

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    Yukina - 'Yu Yu Hakusho'

    When you were raised in an all-female group of ice demons and have never interacted with a man in your life, not understanding male expressions of affections is understandable. That's why despite Kuwabara's extremely blatant displays of affection, Yukina still isn't catching on to his enormous crush on her. It's probably for the best since if she actually reciprocated, Hiei would have to awkwardly pretend not to care who his sister dates, all while making it obvious that he totally does care - which Yukina might not catch onto either, since as sweet as she is, she can be pretty dense. 

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