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15 Anime 'Mean Girls' Who Love Humiliating Other Girls

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Mean girls aren't exclusive to live-action movies written by Tina Fey - they appear in anime too!

Anime mean girls are students who delight in harassing their female classmates. While each one has her own reason for being a bully, most tend to act out of jealousy. They might be jealous of a girls' grades and appearance, which is how Rin Sasaki feels about Urara Shiraishi in Yamada-kun & The Seven Witches. Or, like Motoko Minagawa from Fruits Basket, she might want her target to step away from the man she's into. Others aren't acting out of jealousy, but rather, personal gain - Aya Kuroda from Hell Girl just wants money. Some of these girls go on to mend their ways and befriend their targets, while others never repent or suffer the consequences - do not watch Narutaru unless you want to see a particularly brutal example of this.

Let's take some time to appreciate - or hate on - the anime mean girls who pop up in the shows we love. 

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    Aya Kuroda Extorts Money From Mayumi Hashimoto In 'Hell Girl'

    Aya Kuroda might look like a sweet girl, but she's actually monstrous. When Mayumi Hashimoto is asked to hold onto $100,000 worth of money that her class earned in order to donate to charity, Aya steals the money and then makes Mayumi "borrow" it from her to avoid getting in trouble for "losing" it.

    Things get much worse from there. Aya charges high interest on the loan, and forces Mayumi to do sex work in order to pay her debts, then threatens to spread photographs of the act if Mayumi doesn't continue to give her money indefinitely. Mayumi ends up contacting Ai Enma and condemns Aya to Hell after she shows the photos to the principal.

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    Naoka Ueno Refuses To Take Responsibility In 'A Silent Voice'

    Like Shoya Ishida, Naoka Ueno bullied Shoko Nishimura in elementary school because of her deafness. Unlike Shoya, Naoka refuses to own up to her behavior, and continues to harrass Shoko when they meet again in adolescence.

    At first, she dislikes Shoko because her involvement in a class singing competition puts the whole class at risk of losing - Shoko can't hear herself singing and is off-key as a result. Later, she comes to believe that Shoko is responsible for Ishida's feelings of guilt, and thinks that Shoko is unfairly depicting herself as a victim.

    Though upsetting, it's also fascinating to see the lengths that Naoka goes to to avoid responsability for her own behavior. 

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    Sarina Shizukume Is Utterly Vicious In 'Magical Girl Site'

    Sarina Shizukume spent years bullying Aya Asagiri along with her friends Erika Kaijima and Shouta Arai. The three of them did horrible things to her, including destroying a kitten who she had befriended and trying to assault her. As a result of this poor treatment, Aya awakened her magical girl powers and used them to take Erika and Shouta's lives.

    Sarina swore revenge on Aya, amping up the harrassment and trying to figure out a way to take her life before ultimately changing her mind when Aya saved her life.

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    Rin Sasaki Bullies Out Of Jealousy In 'Yamada-kun & The Seven Witches' 


    Rin Sasaki is the ringleader of a group of bullies who go out of their way to turn Urara Shiraishi's school life into a nightmare. Cruel behaviors include vandalizing her possesions, verbally abusing her, and more. She gets especially vicious when she finds out that Urara is spending time with Ryu, as she believes her to be disgusting for 'clinging to a boy.'

    This is all apparently motivated by jealousy - Urara is exceptionally pretty, and receives excellent grades. 

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