13 Highly Anticipated Anime Moments That Were Ruined By Terrible Animation

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The quality of the animation can make or break an anime. Even the best-written and most fascinating story can come across as ridiculous if it's animated poorly, and the flimsiest storyline can still shine if the animation is beautiful. That's why when you're really looking forward to a particular scene or series and the animation is awful, it can be deeply disappointing.

The Way of the Househusband looked like it was going to be an awesome comedy anime about a former yakuza who becomes a stay-at-home husband, but it ended up being little more than a gussied-up slide show. Golden Kamuy is a great show overall, but the infamous bear scene makes a major conflict seem absurd.


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    Escanor Vs. Meliodas In 'The Seven Deadly Sins'

    The Seven Deadly Sins has some breathtaking fight scenes, but the hotly anticipated showdown between Meliodas and Escanor is not one of them. The fight looks terrible. The movements are stilted, and the characters barely convey any emotion whatsoever. Moves like Cruel Sun that should have looked cool just look boring.

    This may have happened because of the sudden change from A-1 Pictures to Studio Deen. This switch happened at the last minute because Aniplex dropped out after The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie: Prisoners of the Sky flopped and A-1 Pictures could not handle the third season alone. The only studio that could take on the project was Studio Deen, which didn't really have the time or resources to do it without outsourcing the project to March Jack. 

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    Most Of 'Berserk' (2016)

    Most Of 'Berserk' (2016)
    Photo: Berserk (2016) / Millepensee, GEMBA

    The Berserk manga is a straight-up masterpiece, so it's sad to see an adaptation go so poorly. The '90s iteration of the series looked fantastic. One would hope that with access to greater technology, the 2016 continuation would look even better. Sadly, this didn't happen. The series combined 2D and 3D animation so poorly that watching it feels like getting whiplash. The characters' movements are stiff to the point where they look hilarious - there's this one scene where Guts is supposed to be walking but he looks like someone is pushing him from behind. Guts's fight with the apostle Grunbeld should have been intense, but it just looks so egregiously bad that you can't take it seriously. 

    Many of the worst moments were cleaned up for the Blu-ray release, but by that point, most people had already made up their minds about this sequel's quality. 

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    Goku Vs. Beerus In 'Dragon Ball Super'

    Goku Vs. Beerus In 'Dragon Ball Super'
    Photo: Dragon Ball Super / Toei Animation

    Dragon Ball Super has some amazing fight scenes, but this is not one of them. In fact, it's so far from amazing that it's laughable. The art itself looks like something a middle school fan artist could have drawn, and the animation is no better.

    If you need a good Beerus fight, stick to the one from the movie. That one actually shows off the quality that the animators are capable of. 

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    The Dragon In 'Fate/stay night'

    The Dragon In 'Fate/stay night'
    Photo: Fate/stay night / Studio Deen

    Most of the Fate series is handled by ufotable, a studio known for its stellar animation. Fate/stay night went to Studio Deen, and it shows. We feel bad ragging on the studio that gave us gems like Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, but they did not do Fate justice.

    While the animation is lackluster throughout the whole series, the worst part is the CGI dragon that Saber and Shiro face. Seriously, there are screensavers that look better than this lackluster monstrosity.

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    Most Of 'Tokyo Ghoul:re' And 'Tokyo Ghoul √A'

    Most Of 'Tokyo Ghoul:re' And 'Tokyo Ghoul √A'
    Photo: Tokyo Ghoul / Studio Pierrot

    One thing that's often said in the anime community is that Tokyo Ghoul went downhill after the first season. While a lot of that had to do with changes made to the manga story, some of it was due to the animation. Overall, the animation of these two seasons is disappointingly subpar.

    Many scenes feel less like fully rendered scenes and more like slideshows. The animators rely excessively on cutting from one character to the next, zooming in and out, and otherwise avoiding actually animating the character's movements. Both series have some good movements, but overall it's deeply unsatisfying. 

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    The Bear In 'Golden Kamuy'

    The Bear In 'Golden Kamuy'
    Photo: Golden Kamuy / Geno Studio

    The scene where Sugimoto fights a bear looks so bizarre that it pretty much became a meme. Rendered in CGI, the bear looks totally out of place next to the hand-drawn characters and background, making it hard to take seriously as the threat it was meant to be.

    Since this scene occurs in the first episode, it discouraged many people from finishing the rest of the show, which is a shame given that the story is actually amazing.