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12 Anime That Are More Popular In Japan Than In The US

Updated 22 Jun 2018 74.1k views12 items

Although anime is a product of Japan, the style has managed to find worldwide success. In particular, US residents have an extreme affinity for anime, as is proven by the slew of massive conventions that are held across the country every year. 

While the United States's most diehard Otaku seem to consume every new show as soon as it's released, some of the top anime in Japan can't manage to capture the American public's attention.

Long-running series like Dragon Ball and One Piece are similarly well-received in America and Japan, but others – such as Pripara – totally flop when they leave their home country. Even if a show fails to achieve global acclaim, it can still be worth checking out, especially for people who have some understanding of Japanese culture. 

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