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13 Anime Openings That Are Better Than The Actual Series

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Not every great anime opening theme is attached to an equally stellar anime. In fact, there are plenty of anime openings that are better than the anime they introduce. If you find yourself bopping along to a great jam long after you've forgotten the premise of the anime – or tried to expel it from your memories – you have encountered one of these songs.

Some awesome opening credit numbers – often referred to as OPs – are paired with anime that's good, but not as fulfilling as the song alone. Others, like the Sousei no Aquarion OP, are great songs attached to anime that fails to make a good impression. 

While it's disappointing when an anime isn't as good as the theme song implies, at least you get a nice song out of the experience. 

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    Pokémon - "Mezase Pokémon Master"

    Video: YouTube

    Pokémon isn't a bad anime. On the contrary, it was a gateway anime for many millennial-era fans, and it has plenty of charm. However, it can also be kind of formulaic, and it's not the kind of show you'd expect to have a killer soundtrack.

    If you watched Pokémon as a kid, there's a good chance you currently get more enjoyment out of shouting the lyrics at a drunk karaoke party than you do watching the anime. But if the 4Kids opening credits song is fantastic, the lesser-known Japanese opening is equally awesome if not better.

    In fact, you should probably give the entire Japanese Pokémon soundtrack a try; it's well worth it, and might be a better way to indulge your Pokémon nostalgia than plowing through a week's worth of old episodes.

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    Tenjou Tenge - "Bomb A Head V"

    Video: YouTube

    It's nearly impossible to listen to "Bomb a Head V" by m.c.AT featuring DA PUMP and not get, well, pumped. The same can't be said for Tenjou Tenge, a 2004 anime about students at a martial arts school.

    It's a fanservice-heavy shonen battle anime with little character development and a lot of time wasted on poorly-placed flashbacks that add almost nothing to the story. It's not terrible, but the theme song is a heck of a lot better.

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    Servamp - "Deal With"

    Video: YouTube

    One of the coolest things about anime is that theme songs are often performed by actual musicians with non-anime discographies. While well-known bands tend to lend their talents to high-quality anime, they might also do so for anime that are just kind of okay. This is what happened when OLDCOLDEX did the opening song for Servamp.

    Servamp is a totally adequate anime about vampires who form servant-like partnerships with humans, but "Deal With" is a hard rock masterpiece. 

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    Sukisho - "Just A Survivor"

    Video: YouTube

    "Just a Survivor" by Tatsuhisa Suzuki is a good song; the vocals are solid and they're effectively complimented by the instrumentals. What's more, the message of the song is about overcoming a painful past and moving towards a better future.

    This is something Sukisho tries to do when describing its protagonists' history – as children, they were the subjects of unethical human experimentation – but it ultimately fails to handle the subject in a nuanced or satisfying way.

    The song helps clue viewers into what the show is supposed to be about; a premise often lost among the filler involving school clubs and going on dates with astral projections. 

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