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15 Times Anime Parents Were Right To Abandon Their Kids

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Most of the time, child abandonment isn't exactly a good look. Parents are responsible for their kids' well-being up until the point where they're able to fend for themselves, and those who shirk that responsibility typically deserve some criticism. But just like in real life, some anime parents who abandoned their children have pretty good reasons for doing so. 

Some of these absentee parents intentionally sacrificed their lives for their children and community's benefit, as is the case with Minato Namikaze from Naruto and Grisha Jaeger of Attack on Titan. Others, like Fuu's father in Samurai Champloo and Thors Snorresson from Vinland Saga, had to leave their kids to avoid them being harmed by association with them. Still, others were just incredibly busy with saving the world or trying to take down the government, and had to leave their kids to get that done - Monkey D. Dragon of One Piece and Van Hoenheim of Fullmetal Alchemist are popular examples of this.

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  • When Kushina Uzumaki is trying to give birth to her son Naruto, she's suddenly attacked by Obito Uchiha - claiming to be Madara - who wants to use this an opportunity to capture the Nine Tailed Fox. He succeeds in doing so, unleashing the beast to rampage through the town, destroying thousands of lives. While Kushina stands little chance of survival due to the trauma of both childbirth and having the Tailed Beast extracted from her body, Minato could have made a choice that would allow him to be in his son's life - that would be sealing the Tailed Beast back into Kushina's body so that it would be destroyed when she passed.

    Instead, he chose to sacrifice that opportunity because he knew that Konoha would need the power of the Tailed Beast in the future. Instead, he used the Dead Demon Consuming Seal in order to half the chakra of the Nine Tails so that it could be sealed into Naruto's body, ending his own life in the process. He left his child orphaned for the good of Konoha. 

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    The Sunflower Samurai - 'Samurai Champloo'

    The Sunflower Samurai - 'Samurai Champloo'
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    Fuu's father, who is known in Samurai Champloo as the Sunflower Samurai, abandoned his wife and young daughter for reasons that were not made clear until later in the series. Fuu describes him only as smelling like sunflowers, and finding him is the mission that drives her throughout the series. As it turns out, the reason why he left his family to fend for themselves was because if he did not leave, their lives would be at risk. As a Christian in isolationist Japan, he stood a very real chance of being executed along with his family if he didn't hit the road. To protect himself and his loved ones, he had little choice.

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  • Before he became the kindly caretaker of Anteiku, Yoshimura was a member of an organization called V, which used violent means to maintain a balance between humans and ghouls. He fell in love with Ukina, a woman who was investigating V. Given both their professional differences and the fact that Yoshimura was a ghoul while Ukina was a human, this seemed like an unlikely match-up - but nevertheless, they had a child named Eto.

    Though they intend to raise her, this proves impossible when Yoshimura is forced by V to take Ukina's life. In order to protect Eto from the same fate, he leaves in the ghoul-heavy 24th ward. While Yoshimarua loves his daughter dearly and repeatedly risks his life to ensure her safety, Eto feels little affection for the father who she believes ran away like a coward. This is part of why she's willing to kidnap him and use him for brutal experimentation. 

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  • Grisha Jaeger - 'Attack On Titan'
    Photo: Wit Studio

    Grisha Jaeger was going to have to abandon his kid within the first thirteen years of his life no matter what - as a Titan shifter, he has a limited lifespan. He decides that he wants to make sure he passes on his ability to his son Eren, so he injects him with a serum that transforms him into a mindless Titan. When Eren inevitably eats Grisha, he becomes human again, but possesses the Titan shifting ability. Grisha knew that this was one of the few ways that his son could protect himself - though if he could have explained a little more about what was going on, that would have been ideal. 

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