13 Powerful Anime Abilities That Are More Like Curses

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Having an amazing ability isn't necessarily a good thing - at least, not in the world of anime. In fact, there are a lot of anime powers that are more like curses. These powers might be strong, but they carry such massive drawbacks that sometimes, they don't seem like they're worth having.

Would you want the power to create dangerous attacks with your speech if it meant not being able to have a real conversation with anyone for fear of setting it off? That's what Inumaki has to deal with in Jujutsu Kaisen. Would you want a cybernetic implant if it meant facing both immunity issues and the risk of cyberpsychosis? That's the risk that just about everyone in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners agrees to take. These powers aren't pleasant, but they certainly are strong.


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    Inumaki's Cursed Speech Destroys His Ability To Communicate - 'Jujutsu Kaisen'

    Inumaki's Cursed Speech Destroys His Ability To Communicate - 'Jujutsu Kaisen'
    Photo: Jujutsu Kaisen / MAPPA

    Inumaki inherited his clan's signature ability - Cursed Speech. By infusing his words with cursed energy, he can literally speak events into existence. For example, if he says the word ‘explode’ then something will explode. This can happen even if he doesn't intend it to, which can lead to serious accidents. That's why he decided to start using rice ball ingredients in place of words.

    While some people do understand him, his communication abilities are still dramatically inhibited. That's bound to cause some major social and psychological problems. 

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    Eri's Quirk Can Erase People From Existence - 'My Hero Academia'

    Eri's Quirk Can Erase People From Existence - 'My Hero Academia'
    Photo: My Hero Academia / Bones

    Eri's quirk, Rewind, has enormous potential - she can “rewind” any living being to a previous state. This can eliminate injuries and illnesses, and even counteract aging. Despite its potential to be used for good, it can also do serious damage.

    When Eri was a toddler, she couldn't fully control her quirk. She ended up accidentally activating it on her father, reversing his age to before the time he was born - essentially writing him out of existence. After that, her mother rejected her completely and left her in the care of her yakuza grandfather. Her grandfather's protege, Kai Chisaki, took a major interest in her powers because he believed they could be used to eliminate quirks from the human gene pool. To that end, he performs multiple painful experiments on her, which ultimately requires a full-scale rescue from a group of pro heroes. 

    Hopefully, she'll be happier now that she's been essentially adopted by Aizawa and he's helping her to control her quirk. 

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    Haruka Kotoura Can't Turn Off Her Mind-Reading Powers - 'Kotoura-san'

    Haruka Kotoura Can't Turn Off Her Mind-Reading Powers - 'Kotoura-san'
    Photo: Kotoura-san / AIC Classic

    Haruka Kotoura is an otherwise ordinary high school girl who can read other people's minds. Sounds cool, right? Well, not really. 

    She can't turn off her ability, which means that she's constantly overwhelmed by other people's thoughts about pretty much everything. Sometimes, this involves having to listen to perverted nonsense from her classmate and her grandfather, but sometimes it involves hearing searing insults about herself or genuinely disturbing thoughts from would-be murderers. 

    Also, her powers have caused some pretty traumatic childhood experiences. As a little girl, she didn't know how to tell the difference between thoughts and speech, so she casually mentioned  the thoughts she heard. This led to her classmates, teachers, and even her parents writing her off as a freak. Her parents even ended up getting divorced and blaming her for it when she inadvertently revealed that they were cheating on each other. 

    No wonder she was so relieved the one time her powers temporarily disappeared because she had a fever.

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    Alluka Is Possessed By A Dangerous Being - 'Hunter x Hunter'

    Alluka Is Possessed By A Dangerous Being - 'Hunter x Hunter'
    Photo: Hunter x Hunter / Madhouse

    Alluka, the only daughter of the Zoldyck clan, has an ability so fearsome that her family keeps her locked up to control it. Alluka doesn't use Nen herself - instead, she serves as the conduit for a creature named Nanika. Nanika initiates her ability by making a request. When a person fulfills three of her requests, she can grant them a wish. If the wish is small and easily granted, Nanika's next set of requests will be easily achieved. But if the person wishes for something complex, impactful, or impossible, the next set of requests might involve something like “give me your liver.”

    Should the target of a set of requests be unable to fulfill any of them, they will pass away, and so will the person closest to them. If the previous wish was significant enough, the carnage extends to their entire network, wiping out their entire family and all of their friends. Left unchecked, this power could even end humankind. 

    Not only does Alluka risk doing a ton of damage that she doesn't want to do, her powers also mean that her family treats her poorly - her brother Illumi even tries to assassinate her at one point. While it's not like the Zoldycks would treat her well anyway, she's still in a pretty bad spot.

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    Subaru's Return By Death - 'Re:Zero'

    Subaru's Return By Death - 'Re:Zero'
    Photo: Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World / White Fox

    After being isekai'd to another world, Natsuki Subaru discovers that he has one supernatural ability - if he loses his life, he returns to a “save point" sometime in the past.

    In some ways, this is amazing. Not only is he functionally immortal, he can also reverse time to undo mistakes or protect others from harm. But there's also a big problem: every time he uses this power, he has to endure the suffering that comes with death. Often, this is excruciatingly painful or frightening. He has to process the accumulated trauma of countless incidents. Naturally, it starts to impact his mental health. 

    After a serious talking-to from Emilia, he decides to stop relying on this ability and start prioritizing his own safety and well-being. That doesn't mean he'll never use it, but it does mean he won't intentionally activate it in order to solve a problem.

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    Being A Magical Girl - 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica'

    Being A Magical Girl - 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica'
    Photo: Puella Magi Madoka Magica / Shaft

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica offers a very dark take on the whole magical girl thing. An adorable but sinister alien named Kyubey offers human girls the opportunity to have any wish granted in exchange for becoming magical girls and fighting witches. But the wishes rarely turn out the way the girl wants them to. Sometimes, they even straight up destroy her life. 

    That's not the only problem. Being a magical girl turns out to be a far more terrifying gig than anyone could have anticipated. Like in other magical girl anime, there's the risk of harm when fighting enemies. Unlike in other magical girl anime, the process rips the girls' souls out of their bodies and stores them in a “soul gem.” These gems can become corrupted, and when that happens the girls are transformed into the very witches that they fight. Kyubey chooses not to reveal this particular fact when trying to pitch the wish offer. 

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