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What Anime Superpower Would You Have According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated September 6, 2018 48.1k views12 items

If offered any superpower from anime, which would you choose? Chances are, your choice suits your personality - and your personality lines up with your astrological sign. While every magical anime ability comes with positives and negatives, choosing the best anime superpower for you requires you to look at your zodiac sign. Unlike other superpowers based on your zodiac, anime superpowers delve into more unique abilities than you might see in a standard superhero series.

Are you a practical Capricorn who plans everything out weeks in advance? You'll get much use out of the Geass, an eye-based power that grants its user a variety of psychic abilities, but requires precision and strategy to manage. If you're a hotblooded Aries, consider the Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, which lets its user eat and breathe fire. Whatever your zodiac sign is, there's an awesome anime power that's perfect for you.