15 Anime Where The Protagonist Is A Badass Assassin, Ranked

There's something disturbingly fascinating about characters whose job it is to take lives. If you're an anime fan who needs a little more hitman action in your life, you should know that there are some fascinating anime where the protagonist is an assassin.

Some, like the shonen hit Assassination Classroom, manage to be fairly cheerful and wholesome despite their content. Other shows, like Darker Than Black, are as gritty and intense as the subject matter implies. No matter what your taste in hired executioners, you're sure to find something on this list that appeals to you. 


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    After Heaven's Gate appears in South America and Hell's Gate appears in Japan, people called Contracters - that is, people with mysterious powers - begin to appear. Operating in this world is a Contracter named Hei who takes on assassination gigs for a shadowy group called the Syndicate while trying to unravel a plot that might wipe out the Contracters for good. 

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  • Assassination Classroom
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    Assassination Classroom might look silly, but it's actually an incredible show. A tentacle monster with a smiley face head threatens to blow up the earth unless he's allowed to tutor a group of middle schoolers in the fine art of assassination. At first, the kids struggle to figure it out, but after just a few short months they go from powerless kids to warriors who can take on any enemy they encounter.

    The only problem is, they're starting to love their teacher too much to assassinate him - and he may not be what he seems to be. 

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    Akame ga Kill!
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    After Tatsumi arrives in the big city from a remote village, he stays with a seemingly lovely family who turn out to be violent monsters. Night Raid, a branch of the Revolutionary Army that focuses on Assassination, shows up to take them down. Tatsumi is horrified at first, but once he understands Night Raid's intentions, he ends up becoming on of their key members. Together, they work to take down some of the most corrupt members of society. 

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    Rurouni Kenshin
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    In the past, Kenshin Himura was renowned as the Hitokiri Battousai, a merciless assassin who could take on any foe. But these days, Kenshin is disillusioned about his past. He's a pacifist who wants to avoid hurting others at all costs.

    Unfortunately for Kenshin, old enemies and new opponents alike seek to challenge him. That means that whether he likes it or not, he's going to have to fight if he wants to protect the people he loves. 

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    Black Cat

    Black Cat
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    Train Heartnet is an infamous assassin who works under the name Black Cat. He doesn't care much about human life, and happily dispatched with his targets. But when he meets Saya Minatsuki, his outlook on life changes. He no longer wants to be quite so violent, and wanted to downgrade to bounty hunting instead. But the organization he worked for, Chronos, isn't exactly thrilled with his decision. He can't just walk away from the assassin life - he's going to have to fight. 

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    After Sakura Sakurakouji witnesses a teenage boy setting a group of people on fire, she's understandably horrified - and even more so when she discovers that the perpetrator is in her class! His name is Rei Oogami and he's a Code Breaker - that is, a secret government agent who exacts justice on those the government can't legally punish using special powers. While he's pursuing his obligations, Sakura is trying to get him to stop being so violent. 

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