15 Anime Where The Protagonist Is Impossible To Defeat

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If you ever get transported to one of these anime, make sure you're on the side of the protagonists. You definitely don't want to go up against any of them, because the main characters on this list are virtually impossible to defeat.

There's Alucard, the superpowered vampire/vampire hunter from Hellsing. There's Rimuru Tempest of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, who started off as a powerless slime before ramping up his power so far that he became nearly unbeatable. And of course, there's Saitama, who gained the ability to wipe out anybody with a single punch after a comprehensive workout program.

These characters, and others like them, are proof that supreme power doesn't mean a lack of stakes or conflict. These high-powered characters build tension not by whether they'll defeat their opponents - they probably will - but by what outlandish ability they'll use to do it. Vote up the shows that excite you the most. 

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    The premise of One Punch Man is that Saitama can defeat any villain with a single punch. It doesn't matter if they're a giant crab, a ninja with an attitude problem, or a monster from space, no one poses a threat to him. This is actually one of the few real sources of conflict in the series - if you're so strong that no one can match you, how can you find meaning on the battlefield? 

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  • The Misfit of Demon King Academy
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    Hoping to put an end to the conflict between humans and demons, Anos Voldigoad sacrifices his own life with the intention of reviving into a more peaceful era. In the meantime, the demons create Demon King Academy, a school tasked with verifying the identity of their King. But in the millennia that Anos is asleep, the demon's powers - and their means of measuring other peoples' - have degraded significantly.

    That means that Anos' already extraordinary powers go far beyond anybody elses' in his future world - and that he doesn't really fit in anywhere. It's tough being the most magical person in the universe, but he'll manage...somehow. 

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    In his former life, Ainz Ooal Gown was a human named Momonga, but in the video game world that abruptly became his reality, he's a massive, terrifying skeleton who spends his days running the guild that bears his name.

    In a world where most Level 100 players can't exceed 300 spells, Ainz is packing 718. These include Meteor Fall, a move that's exactly what it sounds like. There's The Goal of All Life is Death, which eviscerates every living being within range. Grasp Heart is a little more personal - it lets him wrap his bony hands around a target's beating heart, and crush it into a bloody pulp. Ainz may be the protagonist, but he's been known to use these moves for less than noble purposes. 

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    Hellsing's protagonist is a superpowered vampire who doubles as a vampire hunter. He's the strongest being in the Hellsing Organization and might be the only reason the world hasn't been totally taken over by more vicious vampires who mean humanity harm. He's immortal, super strong, capable of walking through walls, reading minds, and manipulating everything from his own blood to the weather. Humanity is lucky to have him on their side.

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  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
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    In his first life as Satoru Mikami, the protagonist of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is just a regular person. But in his new life as Rimuru Tempest, he quickly moves from powerless dungeon fodder to one of the strongest beings in the anime universe. Using his Predator skill, he easily absorbs the powers of others, eventually ramping up his skills so that he can take on whole armies by himself.

    But Rimuru isn't interested in overpowering people - he's interested in working cooperatively and forming alliances. He's not just OP in terms of raw strength, he's also OP in terms of his social skills and community- building prowess. 

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  • The Irregular at Magic High School
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    When Tatsuya Shiba applies to First High School, his entrance exam scores are low enough to get him sorted into the 'Second Class.' This, among other factors, creates a false impression that he's lacking in magical prowess. He's not - in fact, he's stronger than just about anybody else in the series. Using a spell called Elemental Sight, he can perceive matter at its base form, and then use Decomposition to break it apart. If he didn't want it to be destroyed anymore, all he'd have to do is use Regrowth.

    With those skills alone, he's already basically Ainz from Overlord, but his powers don't end there - not even close. Combine this with the artificial magical system that his family implanted in his mind in the hopes of improving his abilities, and the magic he'd gain later, it's clear that he's much stronger than anyone gives him credit for. 

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