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20 Passive Anime Protagonists Who Have Zero F*cks to Give

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Anyone who has ever watched anime knows this archetype well: anime characters who just want a normal life. They range from reluctant heroes and heroines to everyday people who simply desire no fuss at all. Instead of great aspirations or big lofty dreams, anime heroes who don't want to be protagonists wish to be taken out of the spotlight and drama, preferably to a place where they can be left alone. It may sound like an oxymoron to create anime protagonists who don't like adventure, but the genre uses it as a means of making certain anime characters look more badass. But when it comes to other anime heroes who just want to go home, like Evangelion's Shinji Ikari, their detachment serves to highlight the circumstances which forced them into their situations.

Anime characters who don't care are a dime a dozen, and detached characters who serve as protagonists feel right at home in the genre's many tropes. But for these characters to feel truly at home, they would probably be doing what you are now: scrolling aimlessly through the Internet.