20 Anime Recommendations For Fans Of Popular Shows

One great way to figure out what anime to watch next is by thinking about what you already like, and finding other shows that are similar to it. We're going to help you out with anime recommendations for popular shows from a wide range of genres. Love Attack on Titan but aren't sure what to check out next? Maybe Seraph of the End, a series about a world overrun by vampires, will pique your interest. Fell in love with Yuri!!! on ICE in 2016? Maybe Given will fill the void it left behind. 

Because the anime fandom is so diverse, and people get into so many different shows, it's possible that you'll have seen the show being recommended, but not the show that it's being compared to. If so, you can take those as a kind of reverse recommendation. If you appreciated From The New World but haven't gotten around to The Promised Neverland, this is your signal to put it on your to-watch list! 

  • If You Like 'Demon Slayer,' Check Out 'Dororo'
    Photo: ufotable / Tezuka Productions, MAPPA

    Both Demon Slayer and Dororo are about a young man on a journey to solve a problem caused by demons. In Tanjiro's case, his family was destroyed by demon, leaving his sister as the sole survivor. The problem is, she's a demon now, so he has to go on a journey to change her back. To do that, he becomes a Demon Slayer.

    In Dororo, Hyakkimaru's father sold his body parts to demons in order to achieve prosperity for his land. Though unable to do much at all at first, he eventually acquired prosthetics and training, and starts seeking out the demons who have his body parts. 

  • Ghost in the Shell is a classic anime about a police organization that solves cyber crimes that are only possible to commit with futuristic technology. If you were fascinated by the possibilities it opened up, or appreciated the powerful female character at its helm, there's a good chance that Psycho Pass will become one of your new favorites.

    The series takes place in a world where something called the Sybil System predicts whether or not a person will end up committing crimes - and then preemptively punishes them before they've done anything wrong. At the center of the story is Akane Tsunemori, a rookie member of the Public Safety Bureau who starts out by simply perpetuating the system. But as she gains more experience, she starts to realize that there are serious problems with the Sybil System.

  • If Angel Beats got you interested in seeing another unique take on the afterlife, you should watch Death Parade. Both series focus on a transitional place between life and what comes afterward, and characters who grapple with what exactly that means. In Angel Beats, it's a purgatory for kids who passed away young to finish their unfinished business before moving on. In Death Parade, it's a barlike place called Quindecim where arbiters decide whose soul should be reincarnated and whose should be destroyed in a series of brutal games.

    While Angel Beats slowly reveals why passing on is necessary despite the protagonists fighting against it, Death Parade dismantles its own premise and forces its characters to rebuild from scratch. Both question the nature of the human soul without getting too esoteric and stay entertaining.

  • It's rare for an anime to focus on teachers - that usually only happens when the teacher is someone truly unique, like Koro-sensei of Assassination Classroom or Eikichi Onizuka of Great Teacher OnizukaBoth shows center around a teacher who vaulted from a dangerous background into the classroom then ended up becoming one of the best teachers their kids have ever had. Onizuka might not be a tentacle monster who promises to destroy the world, but with his bad boy background he's just as much an unexpected positive influence on his kids.