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The 12 Biggest Similarities And Differences Between Anime School And Real Life School In Japan

The vast majority of anime are at least partially set in Japanese high schools... but the depictions aren't always accurate. How do anime high schools compare to the real thing? 

There's no single answer to that question because each school makes its own rules. However, there are some broad trends. Japanese schools can be incredibly strict, prohibiting their students from having hair that isn't black to going to karaoke or arcades outside of school. They tend to be deeply involved in students' personal lives, beyond what is depicted in anime where authority figures often don't exist. Events like the culture festival do exist and are often just as important in real life as they are in anime - though they'll rarely be as risque as some anime festivals are.

There are plenty more ways that anime depictions of school life don't exactly align with the real world, so let's learn about it.