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Who Would Your Anime Sensei Be According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated December 18, 2018 10k views12 items

To become the best version of yourself, you need a teacher or mentor who can help you achieve your goals. Which anime sensei is the best one for you? That depends on what your strengths and weaknesses are - and those are determined by your sign. 

Libras can be so focused on balance that they struggle to make decisions, so having a mentor like One Punch Man's Saitama, who approaches his life with efficiency and simplicity, is a great way for that sign to improve on its weak points. Scorpios are obsessive people who need their intense energy directed toward something positive, something that Noboru Taki of Sound! Euphonium excels at. Pisceans who need a confidence boost can get one from Kamina of Gurren Lagann. 

No matter what your sign might be, there's a skilled anime sensei who can teach to your learning style and help you be your best self. 

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    Koro-sensei is such a great teacher that he truly has something to teach every sign, but his lessons are especially beneficial to the hot-headed Aries. First of all, Koro-sensei teaches by encouraging his students to try and assassinate him. Some signs would shy away from something so violent, but an Arien would happily take on the challenge.

    But Koro-sensei isn't just about indulging the sign's fiery tendencies - he'd also go out of his way to help them learn from failure. One of the sign's biggest pitfalls is the false belief that they're perfect - a belief that leads to stagnation. Koro-sensei actually does this for one of his students, Karma Akabane - when the kid fails at something because he assumed he'd succeed without trying, he makes sure he understands why he failed, and how to do better next time. 

  • Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Izumi Curtis

    While Taureans have the tenacity and perseverance to achieve anything they put their minds to, it can tak a lot of work to get them to motivated to start. If a Taurus isn't into something, they're not going to put in their best efforts, no matter how important that thing might be. That's why a teacher like Izumi Curtis is critical for the earth sign's success. Izumi won't tolerate excuses, and she can easily break through typical Taurean stubbornness to get her student motivated. Will the process of learning alchemy under her watch be painful? Absolutely - but once a Taurus is motivated, they couldn't care less how hard it is - they're going to succeed. All they need is someone to light that fire for them. 

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    Gemini is a sign that's characterized by its multi-faceted personality, which can sometimes lead to problems with setting priorities, and getting easily overwhelmed and depressed. Under Levi Ackerman's guidance, life is very simple. Do your daily training exercises, keep your quarters clean, and obey orders without question. He's a reliable mentor who can provide the structure Geminis need to thrive. However, he isn't above letting his trainees make their own decisions when he knows it's in their best interest - which means that he won't come across as a despotic tyrant, but rather someone who is trying to bring out the best in those working underneath him. 

  • Cancer (June 21 - July 22): All Might

    All Might is one of the flashiest, more impressive superheroes in the My Hero Academia universe. Cancers aren't particularly flashy, but they do share an important value with the superhero-turned-teacher - they're all about helping other people. All Might isn't a superhero because he wants attention - though he certainly gets it - he's a superhero because he genuinely wants to protect others from danger. When he becomes a teacher, it's because he truly cares about nurturing the next generation - even if he's not always very good at it. 

    Matching Cancer's vibe isn't the only reason All Might is a good mentor for the sign. Cancers can sometimes err on the side of being too self-sacrificing, something All Might would immediately recognize and caution against. Also, while some signs would be put off by his weakened form, a Cancer would see it as an extension of his humanity and admire him all the more for it.