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17 Anime That Start Off Slow But Eventually Become Amazing  

Laura Allan
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Have you ever started an anime series, given up on it partway through, then come back later only to find it was one of the best things ever? You're not the only one. Just about every anime fan has come across a boring anime series that got interesting partway through, and it can be a confusing though exciting experience. Just when your expectations were lowest, you were treated to something amazing!

The downside is that many people drop these anime before they have a chance to get good. Anime that got off to a slow start in particular tends to be a victim of the early drop. So, here are some series that are worth toughing it out, even if the first few episodes leave you snoring or screaming. All too often it's the other way around, with anime series that start off great then become terrible over time

If you're curious about bad anime series that became good, however, then read on. You might find that something you once gave up on is worth a second chance. 

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As you watch the first episodes of this anime, you might find yourself wondering why everything is dragging quite so hard. When does it get to the point? What connections do these episodes even have with each other? Why are there so many characters to introduce? Patience. Good things come to those who wait with Durarara!!, and this show knows how to bring it. 

There are a lot of characters and story threads to introduce here, and the show takes its time in doing this (to the point where many people drop the anime altogether). The plot lines take forever to meet, and, admittedly, there's a lot of narration that probably could have been done another way (or not at all). But once episode 10 or so rolls around, the action and conflict get cranked up to a whole new level. That's also around when the plot lines actually do intersect and begin to become one.

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Most fans agree that this show starts off with a slow burn, where techno-babble and character interaction drives the plotline, and not a lot actually happens. But then stuff gets weird, and it happens so suddenly that you could get whiplash from the pace change. However, with a world and characters that are well-established at this point, many will say this is for the better. The built a solid, if boring, foundation and then went buckwild with it. Also, there's a few twists that happen about twelve episodes in that you won't want to miss.

True, when this series gets going it strays from a meandering plot which is fun and kind of silly, but it also begins to actually have things happen. Plus we finally get more time travel, and no one can complain about that.  

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When you need an example of an anime with a super weird start that eventually gets good, Fate/Zero should probably come to mind. The first episode, which some fans call confusing or just plain boring, feels like a gigantic info dump, so it's hard to make yourself care.

There's a lot of build up and the viewer is left waiting for the fighting to finally start. Luckily, the action does eventually get going, and that's when the show gets all kinds of fun. Just brave the first four episodes, settle in for a battle, and you'll be rewarded with an ending so full of excitement you'll be on the edge of your seat.

Now, keep in mind that Fate/Zero is actually a sort of prequel to Fate/Stay Night. So, frustration with the beginning of the series might (just might) be lessened some by familiarity with the other show. 

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You know what's old news? Humor where people fall down, get hit in the face, and are angry about being short. There's nothing new there and, unfortunately, that means that there's nothing new in the first episodes of Toradora! Seriously, it's all bad slapstick that makes you want to tear your teeth out.

After episode three or so, however, this anime starts to chill out a little. It relies less on visual gags and moves into the romantic comedy territory that makes it so endearing. Sure, it still keeps the humor, but there's also an awkward romance that blossoms so easily and pleasantly in this anime that it's hard not to love it. Tsundere as a concept is played with well here. Seriously though, good luck getting through episodes one and two. You'll probably find yourself groaning at the jokes more than once.

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