13 Anime That Are So Bad They're Good

Everybody likes anime with good animation, compelling storylines, and well developed characters. But only some anime fans - the hardened, grizzled ones who love things that are horrible - can apprecaite anime so bad they're good. 

Terrible anime that are still fun to watch include the infamous Garzey's Wing, which sounds like any random isekai but is so poorly done that it's impossible to take seriously, and the equally well-known School Days, which takes the slice of life school anime formula and turns it into a nightmare. There's also Brother's Conflict, a show about a girl with thirteen stepbrothers and a talking squirrell who are all in love with her. 

These shows are best watched in a group with a good sense of humor, though they can also be appreciated alone. Which ones do you love to hate?


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    Ghost Stories

    If not for its famously hilarious English dub, Ghost Stories would be a flash in the pan. In its original form, it's a lifeless tale of ghosts haunting a school house - but the dub is a different story. ADV Films, who typically produce faithful translations, decided to take a different approach. The actors were encouraged to adlib as they thought appropriate, which resulted in some seriously hilarious moments - one of the formerly lifeless characters became an evangelical Christian, and everyone is constantly making fun of American pop culture.

    Some of the jokes are pretty offensive, so watch with caution - but chances are high that you'll have a pretty good time. 

  • Cat Planet Cuties
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    Cat Planet Cuties is a generic harem anime about a boring dude named Kio who ends up hosting Eris, a member of an alien race called Catian, who is hanging out on Earth to learn more about humanity. Unfortunately, she has a whole bunch of people after her, and it's Kio's job to keep her safe. Among her enemies are the Dognians, turning the anime into a very fanservicey conflict between cats and dogs.

    Sure, it's not a well-done show by any means, but who doesn't love a cute cat girl? Or dog girl. Or whatever.

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    School Days
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    School Days starts like a typical slice of life show, but gets progressively more insane as things progress. The male lead is a cheater who can't stop lying, and the female characters are unreasonably clingy, and the whole thing eventually explodes into one of the biggest train wrecks in anime history. But if you like your anime with rampant infidelity, severed heads, and maybe-fake pregnancies, you'll get a huge kick out of this absolute disaster of a series. 

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    Manyuu Hikenchou

    In a world where political power is decided by breast size, one clan has developed a technique for reducing someone's breast size - and as a result, their power too. The clan's leader, Chifusa, defects because she thinks that the whole thing is ridiculous and disgusting. Her new mission: to make sure every woman in Japan has the large bust she deserves. Whether you want to take this anime way too seriously and analyze its approach to feminism or just want to think about boobs for twelve episodes, you'll probably love to hate this show.

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    Brother's Conflict

    Just like harem anime, reverse harem anime can range from pretty darn good to utterly nuts. Brother's Conflict is the latter. When Ema Hinata's father remarries, she finds herself with 13 new stepbrothers - many of whom are falling in love with her. There's also a talking squirrel named Juli who's in love with her too. This anime takes all the tropes of its genre and puts them into a giant blender - which can be a hell of a lot of fun to watch with friends. 

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    Weiß Kreuz

    Weiß Kreuz was made in 1998, but its cheesy spy plot line makes it sound like it's from the early 80s. Four dudes who would be attractive if the art and animation were halfway decent work as florists by day and undercover agents by night. Almost all of their missions are easily resolved within an episode or two, and they're all connected to a single family, somehow. Most of the fight scenes are underscored by out of place sound effects, and half of the episodes involve no character development or plot advancements whatsoever.

    Still, it's hard not to find the protagonists at least a little endearing, and the schlocky story can be fun if you're in the right mood for it.