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A Glossary Of Anime Terms You Really Have To Know To Be An Otaku

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Ever been in the middle of a heated conversation with an otaku and find yourself stumped over whatever anime terminology they're talking about? Well, you'll never have to scour the web for whatever that otaku jargon meant again because you have your anime dictionary right here. Here, you'll find anime terms and common words that you'll hear at every single convention, so be sure to pay attention to the otaku terminology that you need to know in order to survive out in the nerd world. Get ready to expand your anime vocabulary!

This repository includes both Japanese and American super-geek terminology and everything necessary for navigating your way around anime fandom. After all, you don't want to be a lost and confused wannabe weeaboo. 

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    Japanese terminology used as the title for an upperclassman, usually someone who is older. This person is typically a mentor of some sort but is below the rank of sensei.

    The word can often have a silly or affectionate meaning behind it.

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    A Japanese word meaning "fool" or "idiot." 

    Usually, this word is used in its own sentence as an insult.

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    Manga are Japanese comics that are typically read from back to front, and from left to right.

    When they're localized for the West, they're called graphic novels.

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    To put it simply, "kawaii" means cute. 

    Since the Japanese word stems from kanji meaning "to love," whatever you find lovely and charming can be considered kawaii.

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