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12 Anime Only A Psychopath Would Suggest For Date Night

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Anime fans like watching Netflix too. And while some people advise against showing a new sweetheart any anime, those people are killjoys. If you enjoy anime, feel free to spread the love, but choose the right series. You don't want to pick one of the worst anime for date night, especially if the object of your potential romantic partner is unfamiliar with your tastes and anime tropes.

If you've been with your significant other for a long time, and you know blood and guts are the keys to their heart, then go ahead and pop on RIN - Daughters of Mnemosyne. Boku no Pico could work if your date is a meme lord with a high tolerance for taboo subjects, but it could also get you banned from ever meeting your date's kid brother. 

If you're still feeling each other out, though, you might want to stick to something that won't make you look like a maniac.

  • Kodomo no Jikan
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    Kodomo no Jikan focuses on a seven-year-old girl and her not-quite-romantic relationship with a male elementary school teacher. This show isn't a great date choice under any circumstances, but it's an especially bad idea if you or your date work with kids in any capacity.

    Your date might end when your partner makes a call to your employer demanding an investigation based purely on your anime viewing habits.

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    'Kiss x Sis' Reveals Far Too Much For A First Date

    'Kiss x Sis' Reveals Far Too Much For A First Date
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    You should probably steer clear of this inter-familial relationship anime on date night. In the Kiss x Sis anime, Ako and Riko are twin sisters who constantly do dirty things to each other. They're interested in their stepbrother as well.

    Your date will likely have some wild assumptions about what you get up to with your siblings if you choose this particular anime.

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    Happy Sugar Life

    Happy Sugar Life
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    Happy Sugar Life is hardly first, second, or even third date material. The main romance in this show is between teenager Satou Matsuzaka and Shio, a little girl she kidnaps. Satou assaults or murders anyone who threatens her quality time with Shio. She assaults teachers, her boss, random violent bullies, other predators, and Shio's actual family.

    This show, though apparently idyllic, appears to promote pedophilia. As such, it's highly unlikely to create the mood you want for a date. 

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    Urotsukidōji is one of the first anime programs to feature adult entertainment involving tentacles, giving it a special place in history. Picking this piece for a date night could lead to a talk about the history of unorthodox proclivities in animation or it might simply be interpreted as a surefire sign you have a tentacle fetish.

    Arguably, Urotsukidōji is about political relations between humans, demons, and humanoid hybrids. But that complicated storyline is interrupted by near constant, excessively aggressive sex scenes. It's a confusing piece that will likely baffle you and your date.

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