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20 Anime That Can Change Your Life Forever

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Vote up the epiphanic anime you think could change others' lives for the better.

While most Otaku don't spend their evenings battling alien invaders using futuristic mecha weapons, that doesn't mean anime fans can't learn anything from watching their favorite shows. Many series – even ones that focus on violent conflict – contain inspirational messages of personal growth and triumph over adversity. 

Anime fans from around the world came together on Anime Underground to share stories about how anime changed their lives forever. Some found a hopeful model for accepting loss by watching a favorite character overcome the sudden loss of a loved one. In less dire scenarios, many were motivated by outcast heroes who beat the odds and made it big. 

The best anime do more than entertain; they help viewers gain insight into their own lives. Vote up the epiphanic anime you think could change other people for the better.

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