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11 Great Anime That Deserve Live Action Movie Adaptations

With the Ghost in the Shell movie coming in 2017, it's time we looked at some other anime that deserve live action movie adaptations as well. This list examines some popular anime that would make great live action movies here in America, especially with a big budget. Sure, series like Death Note and Attack on Titan already have live action movies, but we want to see what American writers and directors can do with some of these masterpieces. From action anime to horror anime, these are the top anime that deserve to be made into movies.

What criteria went into making these picks? For starters, most of the shows on this list wouldn't require too much CGI as a live action film. The reason why Dragon Ball Z will never be a great movie is because you can't imitate what the animations do in real life, and the character design would just look ridiculous if you tried to match it. Another criteria was simply the quality of story, and whether or not it could be easily adapted into a 2 hour film.

We're going to allow you to add your own shows to this list, but please provide an explanation as to why you believe the anime would make a good live action movie.