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13 Anime That Were Tragically Cut Short Before The Manga Ended

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We've all been there. You're getting really into an anime, when without warning, the story wraps up with no real resolution. Or, worse, the main conflict does resolve, but the solution feels hastily thrown together and doesn't quite make sense. While some bad anime endings can be chalked up to poor writing, a lot of good shows never get to cover all the intricate details that make the manga so fascinating. 

Falling in love with an anime that didn't finish is a frustrating experience, in part because reading the manga can feel totally different from watching the series. You can read the entirety of Blue Exorcist or Fruits Basket and know the whole story, but you won't get to see your favorite moments brought to life. Some anime that got cut short never had the chance to find their footing, which is an absolute travesty.