20 Old School Anime That Still Hold Up Today

The problem with old school anime is that they aren't always accessible to fans. Up until recently, Neon Genesis Evangelion wasn't available in any format save for wildly overpriced DVDs, many of which were region-locked. It's recent introduction to the Netflix catalog has given countless anime fans the opportunity to experience a classic for the first time, and has given many more the chance to rewatch something that was once deeply meaningful. 

But Evangelion isn't the only old school anime that can be easily watched on a streaming service. There are actually a lot of classic anime that still hold up today, both in terms of their quality and in terms of their accessibility. Funimation, Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu, and HiDive are all great sources for anime that came out before 2000. This list will point you toward shows that should be part of your general anime knowledge bank that you can actually watch in an easy and convenient manner. 


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    Vash the Stampede has a reputation for being a harbinger of destruction, but all he really wants is to get along with others. With assassins trailing his every move and a tragic past to outrun, that won't be as easy as he hopes. 

    Where To Watch It: Hulu

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    Cowboy Bebop
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    The Bebop is a spaceship carrying a group of bounty hunters with wildly different pasts and personalities through the stars. As they chase riches, their true natures are slowly revealed. 

    Where To Watch It: Hulu

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    Yu Yu Hakusho
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    After Yusuke Urameshi is given a second chance at life, he becomes a spirit detective - a person in charge of protecting humanity from ghosts, demons, and other enemies. 

    Where To Watch It: Hulu

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    After a lifetime working as a mercenary, Kenshin Himura has dedicated himself to a life of pacifism. But as more and more enemies threaten the people he loves, his morals are repeatedly tested.

    Where To Watch It: Crunchyroll

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    When Kagome falls down a well, she finds herself in a magical version of Feudal Japan. Charged with the goal of reforming the Shikon Jewel, she enlists Inuyasha, a half-demon, to help her. 

    Where To Watch It: Netflix

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    After a delinquent named Tetsuo gets caught up in a government experiment, he develops incredible psychic powers that threaten to destroy an entire city. 

    Where To Watch It: Hulu