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Anime You Wouldn't Be Able To Explain If Someone Walked In On You Watching

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List RulesVote up the anime that looks the weirdest from the outside.

It's hardly a secret that anime is considered niche entertainment in the US. While some of the best anime series are clearly action-packed stories with a beautiful message nestled at the heart of the plot, other series look downright weird and perverted. Most people wouldn't think twice about having someone walk in on them watching Dragonball Z or Bleach, but shows like Prison School and Manyuu Hikenchou can make for one seriously awkward encounter.

These anime series are ones you'd have a hard time explaining if someone happens by. Even though you'd frantically try to describe how the show is one of the funniest anime series of all time or how it has solid action scenes, the impossibly large breasts or the grown woman squatting on a toy horse would speak volumes otherwise. Vote up the anime that can be embarrassingly difficult to explain when someone walks in at the wrong time. 

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