25+ Anime That Totally Deserve A Second Season

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There’s nothing worse than finding an anime you love, coming to the end of if, and realizing that there’s no second season. Okay, there are probably worse things. Like being a mom with a side ponytail in any anime ever, for example. Still, there are plenty of anime that rightfully deserve a second season, if only to satisfy ravenous otakus the world over.

Sometimes an anime needs a second season because it ended on a cliffhanger, and you need to know more. Sometimes the manga or light novel that spawned it has so much more to explore than was ever animated. Sometimes the series was just so perfect that you would gladly watch the main characters all the way up until Season 75, The Nursing Home Years.

Not included in this list are anime with officially announced second seasons that are in development. Make your grievances known, and vote for which of these single season anime needs a season two in the worst way. 


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