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17 Anime That Deserve To Be Rebooted

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As Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood — perhaps the most famous anime reboot — has proven, revamping an old series can work wonders. The second anime adaptation stays true to the source material, and fixes many of the issues fans had with the original series. Given its success, it would be exciting to see other series follow in its footsteps.

A lot of anime that should be rebooted do a poor job of adapting their source material. There are some anime that got cut short due to budget constraints or creative differences, causing whole plot lines to be excluded. Anime-only Rurouni Kenshin fans have never seen the story's thrilling final arc, as the series decided to end with a bunch of pointless filler episodes.  

Other times, the original anime is amazing, but the manga continued after the TV show wrapped, meaning newer details could not have been included. In a few cases, the animation quality isn't up to modern standards, but the story is still capable of captivating audiences. Even if you love the first anime, a remake would leave you with twice as much of your favorite show. 

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    Fans of delinquent turned Spirit Detective Yusuke Urameshi have been vocal about their desire for a reboot. One fan even created a petition to bring the show back in 2016, and as of 2018, it has over 1,000 signatures.

    While in April 2018, a new Yu Yu Hakusho OVA was announced to coincide with the franchise's 25th anniversary, that just proves there's demand for a full-blown reboot. Like many remakes, a new Yu Yu Hakusho series could adapt manga chapters that were left out of the original anime, and would feature advanced animation techniques that did not exist in the early '90s.

    While the show has unique character designs for its male heroes (no other anime character looks quite like Kuwabara), many of the female leads are pretty generic. A remake could easily fix this issue, and give fans twice as many memorable protagonists to fall in love with. 

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    A brilliant combination of visual humor, incredible sword fights, and genuinely emotional moments come together in the story of a legendary samurai who has given up his violent ways in favor of a peaceful life.

    While the Rurouni Kenshin anime has a lot going for it, problems arise in the third season, which amounts to a confused mess of filler that's totally unrelated to the original manga. A new series that's totally faithful to the source material would be a wonderful addition to the anime canon. 

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    Coming from Studio Bones (of Full Metal Alchemist fame), the Soul Eater anime was hotly anticipated leading up to its 2008 premiere. Unfortunately, its rushed, nonsensical ending put a damper on an otherwise fantastic series. 

    Even if parts of the fandom were burned by the lackluster finale, many people are still passionate about the show, and they are desperate for a reboot. There was a spin-off called Soul Eater NOT!but this moe, slice of life series failed to capture the quirky atmosphere that made the original Soul Eater so appealing.

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    In 2017, Outlaw Star returned to Toonami after a brief (heavily censored) run in the early 2000s. Now that the show has been reintroduced to viewers, a reboot is in order. The anime beautifully combines humor, action, and drama to create a story that's appealing to fans of all genres.

    Unfortunately, the original can seem a little directionless at times, with plot diversions that don't always add up. Sometimes, the crew discovers a new planet that's loaded with hidden secrets, but in other cases, they find nothing but filler. A reboot could tighten up those elements, and pull in lore from the original manga, which was never translated into English. 

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