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12 Anime That Deserve To Be Rebooted

Updated 14 Jun 2019 37.7k votes 7.7k voters 112.8k views12 items

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As Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood — perhaps the most famous anime reboot — has proven, revamping an old series can work wonders. The second anime adaptation stays true to the source material, and fixes many of the issues fans had with the original series. Given its success, it would be exciting to see other series follow in its footsteps.

A lot of anime that should be rebooted do a poor job of adapting their source material. There are some anime that got cut short due to budget constraints or creative differences, causing whole plot lines to be excluded. Anime-only Rurouni Kenshin fans have never seen the story's thrilling final arc, as the series decided to end with a bunch of pointless filler episodes.  

Other times, the original anime is amazing, but the manga continued after the TV show wrapped, meaning newer details could not have been included. In a few cases, the animation quality isn't up to modern standards, but the story is still capable of captivating audiences. Even if you love the first anime, a remake would leave you with twice as much of your favorite show. 

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