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15 Times Anime Should Have Won The Oscar For 'Best Animated Feature'

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As of 2019, only one anime movie has been awarded the prestigious Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. While Spirited Away, which won in 2002, is more than deserving, there are plenty of other anime movies that should have won Oscars too. The voters for the Oscars have demonstrated some serious ignorance when it comes to the world of anime. It's not just that there are far too many anime movies that were snubbed at the Oscars, it's that the voters literally aren't aware of their existence.

Let's take a look at some of the amazing anime that deserved an Academy Award. Hopefully, Spirited Away won't remain the only one, and the Oscars will recognize the great stories and artistic brilliance that anime has to offer. Though many wonderful anime movies came out prior to 2001, we'll only be looking at movies that came out during the years since the category for best animation was established.

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