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13 Anime That Switched Studios (For Better Or Worse)

Updated 11 May 2020 283.4k views13 items

Much to the chagrin of some fans, the second season of the wildly popular One Punch Man was handled not by Madhouse, but by J.C. Staff. While this studio swap has made headlines, it's not the first time that such a thing has happened. In fact, there are plenty of anime that switched studios at some point during the development process. Often, this takes place between seasons, or before a reboot.

Why would a property being managed by one studio move to another? Reasons vary, but they tend to involve logistical issues rather than anything especially dramatic. Anime studios typically don't own the rights to the anime they produce - typically, they work as contractors and must bid to take charge of a desirable property. Sometimes it's because the studio simply doesn't have the time or manpower to take on a sequel series, or because the director had a change of heart. In some cases, as with the Fruits Basket reboot, it's because the author of the manga that the anime was based on was dissatisfied with the first attempt and wanted the new series tackled by a new staff. 

In some cases, a studio change can feel like a downgrade - that's definitely true of Psycho Pass, which decreased dramatically in quality when it moved from Production I.G. to Tatsunoko Production. But at other times, like with Fate/stay Night's swap from Studio Deen to ufotable, the changes are for the better. Sometimes, the change hardly seems to make a difference. No matter how the change impacted the series itself, it's still interesting to know about the show's production history. 

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